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Abigail Elphick
Abigail Elphick

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Abigail Elphick, also known as ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ from New Jersey, went viral online overnight after a video of her trying to attack a black woman surfaced online. The incident took place at Victoria’s Secret store in Short Hills Mall, New Jersey, where Elphick threw a tantrum and claimed that the black woman, Ijeoma Ukenta, was threatening her. Meanwhile, Ukenta filmed the entire episode and shared the video series on TikTok and YouTube, thus exposing Elphick.

The Nigerian-American woman has launched a GoFundMe to obtain legal fees from her. She claims to have been wronged not only by Elphick but also by the Millburn Police Department and Short Hills Mall Security. In fact, in one of her follow-up videos, Ukenta can be seen interacting with a police officer, who insisted that she does not “work for the mall.” Netizens criticized the police for doing an unsatisfactory job of handling the situation and failing to protect the black woman.

Abigail Elphick Age

Abigail Elphick’s age is unclear.

Abigail Elphick  Viral Videos

A video of a white woman attacking Ijeoma Ukenta, a black woman, went viral on the internet on Monday, July 12. The incident took place at Victoria’s Secret store in Short Hills Mall, New Jersey, and in no time the internet found the new ‘Karen’.

Abigail Elphick, nicknamed ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ and ‘Get Her Out Of Me Karen’ is a resident of New Jersey. In the viral videos, Elphick can be seen attacking the black woman who is capturing Elphick’s act on TikTok. In the first part of the video, Elphick can be seen trying to punch the woman behind the camera, but as soon as she realizes that her movements are being captured, she starts crying and screaming for safety while sitting on the floor. She can also be heard saying “Don’t record me.” In the second video, she can be seen sitting on the ground yelling, “Fuck off.” Elphick is later seen yelling “Get away from me” and then running after the black woman.

A series of now-viral videos appear to show a woman chasing and yelling at another woman in Victoria’s Secret store in a New Jersey mall.

The incident, which was filmed and uploaded to YouTube by a woman who identified herself online as Ijeoma Ukenta, shows another shopper at the Short Hills mall on Saturday running toward Ukenta and chasing her around the store as she screams and cries.

Ukenta shared several videos that appear to show the woman trying to grab Ukenta’s cell phone. Police officers have not identified the second woman and USA TODAY does not name her because she has not been charged with any crime.

In the videos, the woman is seen asking Ukenta to stop recording, laying her on the store floor, and telling Ukenta to “stay away from me” as he approaches her.

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In another video, a police officer can be seen telling Ukenta that they cannot escort the woman out of the mall. Several officers can be seen talking to the woman as Ukenta tells them: “And she is crying, and they are just sympathetic to her tears. I don’t care about her white tears.”

“She needs to be escorted out of the mall. She chased me around the store and tried to attack me twice, ”Ukenta can be heard saying.

Ukenta is black, and the woman seen chasing her in the video is white, according to various reports.

The Millburn Police Department, whose officers responded to the incident, confirmed to USA TODAY that it has opened an investigation and is waiting to receive video footage from the store.

In other YouTube videos, Ukenta says that she is filing a complaint against several law enforcement officials who responded to the store.

“I was treated like it was 1920 in Short Hills Mall. I was assaulted and stalked by a white woman and security or police did nothing,” Ukenta wrote on a GoFundMe account that began raising money for a lawyer.



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