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Adam Fravel and Madeline Kingsbury

Adam Fravel is a software engineer from Winona, Minnesota, according to his LinkedIn page.

Social media posts and online records suggest that Winona’s missing mother, Madeline Kingsbury, is also the father of her children. While authorities did not name Fravel, Winona Police Chief Tom Williams said at a press conference that the father of the Kingsbury children was the last known person to have seen the Mayo Clinic researcher, telling authorities that he drove his truck and then returned it to Kingsbury. Housing.

Kingsbury, a Winona, Minn., from the Mayo Clinic reported missing on March 31, 2023. He is a clinical research specialist. According to a report from the Winona Police Department, she disappeared after dropping her children off at daycare. According to Fravel’s LinkedIn page, she has worked in advertising and web media under contract to a real estate listing site.

In this role, he wrote that his duties included “creating advertising and managing other media projects.” It analyzes and optimizes ad performance across all devices and market types. Lead the creation of advertisements and other media projects. Analyze and optimize ad performance across all devices and market types.”

In Skills, he listed things like cascading style sheets and HTML.

Fravel has also worked under contract for another company in advertising and web media and has written on LinkedIn in IT support for Winona State Information Technology Services.

On the Fravel page, he writes that Minnesota State College Southeast received AAS and an arts and science partner in software and web development in May 2023, listing his skills as SQL and JavaScript.

Her LinkedIn page says she earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Winona State University in 2016. According to his LinkedIn page, he graduated from Mabel-Canton High School in 2012, where he took part in the Honor Society, Student Council, choir, football, and basketball. Several visible photos of Fravel show him with the children he shares with Madeline Kingsbury. Kingsbury and his mother liked some of his posts.

Anne wrote “So sweet” in a post.

He also posted a photo showing him with a plane. Her Facebook page says she’s from Mabel, Minnesota. Fravel also shared a fundraiser Kingsbury posted on Facebook.

Police described Kingsbury as a “missing person in danger” in a statement. Also referred to as Material Kingsbury.

Police wrote in a news release that Kingsbury, 26, was last seen “on the morning of March 31 and has had no contact with friends or family since”. He was last seen at his home in Winona, Minnesota. Kingsbury was supposed to come to work that morning, but he didn’t. Also, numerous calls and messages from friends and family went unanswered. Kingsbury was supposed to pick up his kids from daycare that afternoon, but he didn’t show up or make any arrangements. All of this is completely against his character. Authorities did not name a suspect or person involved, but a Winona police spokesperson said at a press conference that police were considering whether Kingsbury was the victim of a crime. Since March 31, “researchers have interviewed a large number of people, including family and friends. Investigators are scanning neighborhoods, probing areas and trying to collect any surveillance video that could give us any clues as to where Kingsbury or his dark blue 2014 Chrysler Town and Country truck might have gone.” convinced that the truck had been seen traveling from Winona to the eastern part of Fillmore County,” he wrote.

At the press conference, Chief of Police Tom Williams did not say whether police believed that Kingsbury was driving the van.

Williams said at a press conference that Kingsbury and the father of her children dropped off her 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son at daycare shortly after 8 am. Negative. Police reported that she works at the Mayo Clinic.

Police said the father of Kingsbury’s children had told them that he had left the house at around 10 am in Kingsbury’s van, but had gone when he returned.

Williams said at a press conference that Kingsbury and her children’s father dropped off their daughters (5) and sons (2) at daycare shortly after 8 am. . Police reported that she works at the Mayo Clinic.

Police said the father of Kingsbury’s children had told them that he had left the house at around 10 am in Kingsbury’s van, but had gone when he returned.

Williams said it was “very different from that.” According to Williams, the father of the Kingsbury children “spoke to the police and told us that Maddi had left the house at around 10 am in his truck. M. and returned home later that same day.

Authorities did not name him. They also did not clarify whether Kingsbury was her husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend.

Williams said the van had been parked in the driveway since 1:30 p.m., adding that there was no indication that Kingsbury had left the residence on foot or by any other vehicle. Authorities searched the minibus and the residence. They found Kingsbury’s phone, jacket, wallet, and ID.

Williams said that his family and friends had been trying to contact him throughout the day and had been unsuccessful. The boss said it’s not like him not responding.

At that press conference, officials declined to comment further on Fravel. At a police press conference, a van or similar vehicle was seen at one point driving along County Road 12 and Highway 43. “Based on all this, we believe that Maddie’s disappearance was unintentional, suspicious, and we are all concerned for her safety,” Williams said at a news conference. Kingsbury frequently posted photos of her children on Facebook. “If anyone knows of any childcare providers that are open for 2 and 5-year-olds in the Mabel/Rushford/Spring Grove/Houston areas this summer, please let me know!” Wrote in March 2023.

It is unclear whether she has a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend or current husband or ex-husband; She has not disclosed her relationship on Facebook. Recent Facebook photos focus on her children, but some of her past photos show her with a man.

She occasionally wrote about women’s empowerment and motherhood on Facebook.

On Mother’s Day 2022, she wrote on Facebook: “Being a mother has been my greatest adventure. I could have sworn I had two little newborns on my chest yesterday. Happy Mother’s Day all mothers.”

Her older sister, Megan Kingsbury, also spoke at a press conference organized by the police. “She is a mother, a sister, a son, a best friend, a grandchild, a niece,” the priestess said, her voice cracking. He said Kingsbury’s daughter inherited “her mother’s kindness and curiosity about the world”. She announced that she would offer a $50,000 bounty on the lawsuit. The Finding Madeline Kingsbury Facebook page posted: We will not tolerate speculation, assumptions or accusations. This is what we know.” Page mentioned Fravel as Kingsbury’s ex-boyfriend. Page wrote:

– The time to look/check the cameras is from 08:15 until 17:00 on Friday, 31 March (when he drops the kids to the daycare with his material ex-boyfriend) until 16:30.
– Cameras searched to see Maddi’s navy blue Chrysler Town and Country van (pic attached). NOTE: We are not looking for the van, we are looking for signs/videos of the van traveling.
– Maddi was probably last dressed in all black (black pants and a black tank top). He wasn’t wearing his jacket. He was probably wearing plush winter boots.
– See the post for updated pictures of Maddi’s defining features and tattoos
– It is unknown if Maddi has anything important to look for (necklaces, glasses, etc.)

Kingsbury’s LinkedIn page says he is a “Clinical Research Coordinator for Public Health, Infectious Diseases, and Occupational Medicine research at Mayo Clinic and has a proven track record of working in human subject research. He is currently coordinating Phase I/II clinical trials.”

Page says she has worked at the Mayo Clinic for over three years.

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