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LeeAnn Fletcher
LeeAnn Fletcher

Amanda LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben Wiki, Biography

LeeAnn will always be remembered as a selfless mother, daughter, sister, cousin, and friend who always had a smile on her face. An avid hunter and fisherman, LeeAnn enjoyed the outdoors, especially the surf. She was known to her friends as “Martha Stewart” for her love of baking, gardening, fun and art, especially Christmas decorations. Although he was a very honest man, he could not do anything for anyone. She was a beautiful, strong and loving woman and the love of her children took on a whole new dimension. She was always supportive and encouraging and she would never be proud of both of them.


Amanda LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben was 38 years old.


In addition to her parents, LeeAnn is survived by two children, Erica Claire Hartleben and Ethan Archer Kochi; brother, Mark Cole Fletcher; and countless aunts, uncles, cousins, relatives, and friends.

He died with his grandparents, Carl and Dana Seto also; son, Dylan Fisher Hartelben.

“Everyone has a handle on the back because if it wasn’t for us, and then press this then press this, we wouldn’t be where we are right now,” Fletcher’s cousin Trisha Cahoon said in a Facebook video on Monday, according to News-Observer. “We found him, yall.”


Tolson faces one charge of murder and is being held in custody on Monday in Bangor, Maine, said Dare County District Attorney R. Andrew Womble.

Fletcher’s family has launched a “video for” JusticeforLeeAnn “social media campaign to pressure the authorities to arrest Tolson.

One of the videos featured Tolson’s 911 call, Raleigh News-Observer reported Monday.

“My friend, you are sleeping in the bathtub, you will not wake up,” he said. “I think he fell last night, I’m not sure. There’s blood coming out of his nose so I can’t get him up.”

The family also posted a video shot by a private investigator showing bloody mattresses, pillows and clothes they found on their way to Fletcher’s home after his death, the newspaper reported.

The family accuses investigators of handling the case “without urgency,” according to the paper.

Police at Kitty Hawk responded with a call for patience as the investigation continued. Womble’s office issued a statement in August saying it was awaiting the results of the autopsy before filing criminal charges.

An autopsy revealed that the woman had died of a head injury that could have been accidental or intentional, according to reports.

Kitty Hawk police

Kitty Hawk police say an investigation is underway after the death of LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben, 38, who was found unconscious in her home last week and died on Saturday evening.

“It would be inappropriate and unhelpful for us to provide solely based findings on social media posts or media reports that may or may not be supported by evidence obtained from this ongoing investigation,” police said. “We are working closely with the District Attorney’s Office to carefully and carefully consider all the evidence presented before making a final decision.

“At this time, we will respectfully ask everyone to be patient and allow us to conduct this investigation in the proper manner. Our thoughts and prayers go to Leeann’s family, ”said police.

Cause of Death

North Carolina prosecutors have arrested the boyfriend of a woman who died after being found unconscious in a bathtub three months ago.

The arrest of John Curtis Tolson over the July death of 38-year-old LeeAnn Fletcher at Kitty Hawk was announced Monday.

Tolson reportedly found Fletcher in the bathtub. She died three days later.


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