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Andrea Ivanova
Andrea Ivanova

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Andrea Ivanova, a Bulgarian woman who is famous for having the “largest lips in the world” is reportedly getting her lips injected for the 27th time this Christmas, to further enhance her pout.

The 24-year-old from the city of Sofia told Jam Press that she hoped her injections would help her look more like a Bratz doll.

“I like them a lot and I feel a lot better,” Ivanova said over her unimaginably large lips. However, Ivanova did not always have such prominent kissers. She once possessed thin lips, which made her feel insecure about that part of her body. As a result, her Ivanova had padded for the first time several years ago, which at the time, she said, immediately gave her a sense of self-confidence.

Ivanova is not concerned about her big lips bursting

What followed was the men’s attention. “Many men from all over the world wrote to me on my social networks offering me money, travel, and inviting me to meetings all the time,” he said. Ivanova currently has over 10k followers on Instagram, with many fans mesmerized by her plump pout. “I really love your lips,” a man commented below a photo of Ivanova posing for the camera. “You are beautiful, a total babe!” said another. “Fantastic. I’d love to be the man who has the honor of having a wonderful dinner with you … let me know …” a third male fan swooned.

Despite having more than two dozen procedures, Ivanova said she is not worried about her big lips breaking out. And injections are not cheap. Each of her injections cost about $ 265, which means that Ivanova has spent more than $ 5,000 perfecting her pout. And it’s not just her lips that have been enhanced. The Bulgarian beauty, who has currently dyed her hair purple, recently visited her doctor for a face lengthening and contouring procedure to get the chin and jawline that she always dreamed of – and cost her. about $ 660.

Andrea Ivanova – Fast Facts

Even though Ivanova has a huge following for her lips on social media, there are also several trolls who have poked fun at her plastic surgery efforts in the past. “You need serious mental help!” wrote a detractor on Instagram. Another described Ivanova as “disgusting”.

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And Twitter is not friendlier. “Now Andrea Ivanova 24 here, she thinks she is attractive with her giant lips, I don’t fucking love you, you are ugly as shit,” said one of them, while another wrote, “Andrea Ivanova, 24, from Sofia, Bulgaria wants She looks like a Bratz doll. I bet she can’t whistle !! “A third commented,” Andrea Ivanova had 27 lip injections because she wants to have bigger lips. She’s doing the craziest thing on her eyebrows too. What do you honestly think? “Does it look good like this? It’s so ugly and monstrous. Talk about body / facial dysmorphia! Sick.” One person reacted with “Bulgarian woman Andrea Ivanova desperate to look like real-life Bratz doll == when they burst like an exaggerated balloon, who will be there to put ‘Humpty’ together again?”

Ivanova was previously profiled by The Post in 2019 when she had only received 15 injections. At the time, he shrugged off his critics, saying: “There are people who like me with bigger lips, and there are people who like me with smaller lips, but I don’t care, because it’s important. for me, how I like it. ”


Ivanova now has over 10k followers on Instagram, with many fans in love with her plump pout.


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