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Aram Sheibani
Aram Sheibani

Aram Sheibani Wiki – Aram Sheibani Biography

Aram Sheibani was involved in a cocaine conspiracy that he used to finance his luxury lifestyle that included a multi-million dollar empire of real estate, luxury cars, artwork, plastic surgery, and global travel.

A high-level drug lord who lived an astonishing life of luxury financed by crime has been incarcerated for 37 years.

Aram Sheibani was involved in a high-level cocaine conspiracy for nearly a decade before being brought to justice.

Aram Sheibani Age

Aram Sheibani is 40 years old.

Aram Sheibani Jailed for 37 years – More Facts You Need to Know

Sheibani, of Trafford, Manchester, boasted a £ 5 million real estate empire that included an exclusive £ 1.74 million apartment in Kensington, London, where he had artwork by Banksy and Andy Warhol.

More than £ 1 million in cash was seized from him by police, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Sheibani partied all over the world, driving a Bentley and a Porsche and paying for cosmetic surgery for himself and his girlfriend, reports the Manchester Evening News.

He claimed that his riches came from legitimate sources.

But prosecutors were able to show that his lavish lifestyle had been financed by crime.

“Your greed knows no boundaries,” Judge Anthony Cross QC told Sheibani.

“I am satisfied that he is at the forefront of a large-scale international drug conspiracy.”

The judge said the evidence showed that Sheibani was “close to the very source of production in Colombia.”

His portfolio of properties in Manchester, London, and Spain was built when Sheibani lied about what his income was and where it came from.

He also forged documents, including bank statements and a P60, to support his false claimed earnings.

Sheibani evaded tax, without reporting more than £ 3 million in income to HMRC.

And the police learned that he had purchased items that can be used in the production of the class A drug, including two 30-ton industrial presses, plastic vacuum, and acetone bags, as well as professional bill counting machines.

When agents raided his luxurious Bowdon apartment, they discovered that he had an Encore phone, a military-grade encrypted phone used by high-level criminals.

He destroyed the device and flushed it down the toilet while officers executed a warrant.

Police also found an image of high-purity cocaine on a camera.

In a phone seized from Bowdon’s apartment, said to be his girlfriend’s device, they discovered a video of a similar industrial press being used in a cocaine production laboratory.

A photo of a list of drug debtors was retrieved, with some numbers cited as six-figure sums.

And he made trips to Colombia, a country with a notorious cocaine trade.

Now, after an eight-week trial in Manchester Crown Court, a jury found Sheibani guilty of five counts of obtaining a money transfer by deception; three crimes of possession of the criminal property; two offenses for failing to comply with a notice; two crimes of conversion of criminal property; two crimes of fraud; falsification; using fake instruments; conspiracy to supply controlled drugs; possession of a class A controlled drug and perverting the course of justice.

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He denied wrongdoing, claiming that her ‘inexplicable wealth’ came from legitimate sources, including hir parents, hir property development, watch sales, and currency trading.

He agreed to use drugs but denied being a drug dealer.

Sheibani tried to blame his financial advisers for some of his crimes.

But a jury rejected his version.

Sheibani will serve half of his sentence in jail.

He will be brought back to court for proceeds of crime hearing, to be held next year.

After the hearing, Sergeant Lucy Pearson of GMP’s Economic Crimes Unit said: “Sheibani is a calculated, deceptive and scheming criminal who believes that he is above the law.

“Her lust for him shows no limits and he has been financing his materialistic luxury lifestyle with fraud and criminality, posing as a legitimate businessman to hide ill-gotten gains from him.

“He is a dishonest individual who has not shown any remorse for his actions throughout this investigation, refusing to cooperate with the police and trying to destroy evidence.

“May today’s sentence serves as a warning to anyone who believes he can get away with criminal and fraudulent activity, we will find him and make sure he faces all the consequences of his actions.”


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