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Ben Nakamura
Ben Nakamura

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Ben Nakamura, the former principal of Stagg High School, reportedly knew that he would not be returning to school next year. He served a one-year term and was rejected by the school board. The Stockton Record reported that Nakamura told students that the 4-3 school board voted for him earlier in the week.

The newspaper said it is unclear why he was voted and that he still has the support of some parents and students. He told the graduates that they fired him because he loves the school and the community.

Ben Nakamura Age

Ben Nakamura’s age is unclear.

Ben Nakamura graduation speech

The principal of a high school in Stockton, California, caused a stir Thursday when he appeared to go off-script during his speech at the school’s graduation ceremony.

“I came here to serve you, to love you, to be in the mix and grind with you,” he said. He told students that working at the school appealed to him after seeing a fight that took place there that made headlines. He told the students that he loved his work there and encouraged them to do their best. He also used the struggles in his own life as examples of perseverance.

“I wanted to tell the children why I left, so they would know that I didn’t leave them, that I didn’t turn my back on them,” he told the Record.

Melinda Meza, a spokeswoman for the Stockton Unified School District, told Fox 40 that it was regrettable that Nakamura “chose to use this platform for her own complaints.” At one point in her speech, she said that successful people “will do whatever it takes to stomp on others and bring them down to get to the top.” He said those people don’t deserve respect.

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Meza said that she escorted him and handed over the keys.

“There were strict COVID-19 guidelines, so no director was allowed to give a speech,” Meza said, according to the newspaper. She told Fox News in an email that a mother said: “My son worked hard during COVID and I wanted this day to be about him and his fellow students. It’s not HR and drama stuff. ”

Sofia Colon, a parent, told Fox 40 that students adore the principal.

“That speech tells me how honest this director is with his students. Have students mentor their little brothers and sisters. He told us where he came from, how identifiable, how vulnerable. That was my conclusion: don’t be a sellout, tell the truth, ”she said.


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