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Carlo Mosca
Carlo Mosca

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Carlo Mosca, a doctor of Cremon origin from his home in the Mantua area, is accused of voluntary murder: he allegedly administered anesthetics and neuromuscular blockers to two patients suffering from Covid, causing their death.

Mosca, originally from Cremona, after a first visit to Spedali Civili in Brescia, worked in Carlo Poma’s emergency room in Mantua as a first-rate medical director. Then in 2017, he returned to Montichiari as a freelancer first and then as a first-level medical director in the emergency room. Finally, in 2018 he was appointed head of the department, leading the medical team made up of three other doctors.

Scrolling through the information contained in his curriculum vitae, we read that Mosca has covered the role of competent doctor for the training/information of first aid officers from 2005 to 2016 for companies of categories A, B, C of Brescia and the province. From 2006 to 2013 he was then ”

Carlo Mosca Age

Carlo Mosca is 47 years old.

Accused of Murdering Covid Patients

In an interview with Corriere Della Sera last June, Dr. Mosca recalled the period of maximum criticality experienced during the first wave of the pandemic, in March, when researchers believe that it killed the two patients. “At home, he had a seven-year-old girl who was suffering from separation. In the telephone calls, he said, fatigue and anxiety emerged, at first there were also outbreaks ”.

Then, to describe the third month of the year, he declared that each day was a battle “to try to save as many lives as possible.” Obviously tested by the amount of work of that period, he recalled how “I often called home after 9:30 pm. M., Sometimes he didn’t call. The boss was always in the hospital, in the patients, in what to do ”,

The events date back to March last year, when the high number of infections affected hospitals, congesting them. The investigations would have been triggered by the statistical analysis of the data from the Monteclarense hospital: what stood out was the higher number of deaths found in that emergency room than the average of the rest of the structures in Brescia. “Abnormal deaths”, as the Nas de Brescia defined them because they occurred shortly after the patients were accepted. In particular, 5 cases ended up under the scrutiny of the investigators.

Collecting and processing the information, also provided by the health personnel of the ward, on the possibility that the death of these patients was caused by practices consciously carried out by a doctor, the Nas Carabinieri immediately initiated an investigation, according to the Power. The medical records of numerous patients who died in that period from Covid-19 were analyzed, finding in some cases a sudden, and not easily explained, worsening of health conditions.

Basically, according to the accusations made by the investigators, the doctor would have administered anesthetic drugs and muscle relaxants shortly after the acceptance of the patients, without then quickly performing the next and required intubation maneuver, thus causing a rapid worsening of the conditions and death.

Investigation Report

According to the researchers, he intentionally administered drugs suitable to cause lethal respiratory depression to some patients suffering from Covid-19, resulting in the death of two men from Brescia aged 61 and 80 years. The doctor is under house arrest, waiting to be heard by the magistrates.

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The investigation focused, in particular, on three people who died shortly after reaching the emergency room: the bodies were exhumed to be subjected to autopsy and toxicological investigations. But in only one case, the autopsy was able to detect, within tissues and organs, the presence of a drug commonly used in the patient’s intubation and sedation procedures that, if used outside of specific procedures and doses, can determine the death of the patient because it reduces respiratory parameters.

In addition, the administration of these drugs was not included in the medical records of the deceased (indicated instead in the records of the patients actually intubated), so much as to hypothesize that the suspect was also charged with the crime of forgery in public. writing.



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