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Chelsea Timmons
Chelsea Timmons

Chelsea Timmons Wiki – Chelsea Timmons Biography

Chelsea Timmons is a delivery driver who was leaving her last gift delivery order of the day on Sunday when road conditions worsened earlier than expected.

She is from the western city of Austin and was planning to move to Houston after shopping for Nina Richardson and Doug Kundan.

For five nights, Timmons stayed home with Nina Richardson and Doug Condon while the Lone Star State suffered an unprecedented winter storm.

Chelsea Timmons Age

Timmons’ age is not yet clear.

Delivery Driver

A Texas couple opened their home to a food delivery driver, who was stranded at their home when harsh winter weather hit the Southwest.

Chelsea Thompson of Nina Richardson and Doug London in Austin had planned to return to Houston after leaving the store on Sunday but were unable to dig their car in the snow.

As road conditions deteriorated, she was trapped in her home. Any two truck driver was called in an emergency and was unable to help.

Timmons spent five days in the couple’s guest room, which has its own bathroom. They come together to eat every day. Their dogs, even accustomed to company, sleep in bed with Thomson.

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food delivery

When he got home, he saw that the driveway was sloping. Timmons said he slammed on the brakes downhill, but the car couldn’t stop until it hit a bush in a flowerbed.

“I was thankful that my car didn’t hit the house,” Timmons said.

He retrieved the supplies from the car and told the couple what had happened. Richardson said he tried Epsom salt, birdseed and sand to make the crack, but the car didn’t grow. Timmons tried calling AAA, but the two trucks were being used for the emergency at the time.

When London and Richardson saw through the window that AAA had not arrived, they asked him to stay overnight.


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