Who is Cheri Akil? Wiki, Bio, Age, Punching A Hospital staffer, Killed unborn baby, Incident detail

By | April 18, 2023

Cheri Akil Wiki – Cheri Akil Biography

What began on April 10 as a credit or debit card abuse case against Cheri Aziza Akil, 39, allegedly escalated just two days later to driving while intoxicated, suicidal ideation, and beating a pregnant hospital employee with such force that the woman lost her unborn baby.

Days after that, a long-standing methamphetamine possession case appears to have put Akil in new legal jeopardy in Taylor County after the alleged attack, Tarrant County jail records show.

Cheri Akil Age

Cheri Akil is 39 years old.

Cheri Akil – All you need to know

Akil’s financial criminal case led to her arrest on April 10 and the issuance of a $1,500 bond. Jail records show Akil was arrested on April 12 for allegedly driving while intoxicated and for allegedly intentionally/knowingly operating an illicit arcade. Records also show that she was issued a murder charge the same day.

According to Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA, Akil is accused of punching a pregnant hospital worker in the stomach shortly after noon on April 12 at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. This reportedly occurred after Akil was in the custody of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office. She was described in the report as a potentially suicidal inmate who had been taken to the hospital for treatment.

Akil, whose Facebook page identifies her as a “stay-at-home mom,” was allegedly being held down in bed by hospital staff when she punched the hospital employee. After the coup, hospital staff found that the pregnant woman’s fetus no longer had a pulse.

Under Texas law, it is a capital offense if a “person murders an individual under the age of 10” and the definition of individual “means a human being who is alive, including an unborn child at each stage of gestation from fertilization until birth.”

An October 2018 report from Abilene ABC affiliate KTXS named Akil as one of 40 people facing charges in Taylor County. That was a methamphetamine possession case that led to a June 2021 guilty plea with a deferred adjudication of a sentence of three years of community supervision and 160 hours of community service, Taylor County court records reviewed by court records show. Law & Crime.

Records also show that prosecutors filed a motion to revoke that continuance in October 2022. A Jan. 4, 2023, docket entry said Akil was found guilty, her deferred community supervision was revoked, and a period of deferred community supervision went into effect for a seven-year trial. Another motion to revoke community supervision was filed on April 17, the day Tarrant County records listed Akil as subject to a suspension in the methamphetamine possession case.

In June 2021, the judge who accepted the plea for possession of methamphetamine found that Akil was mentally competent.

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