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Christian Secor
Christian Secor

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Christian Secor is a UCLA student who was indicted in the Jan. 6 riot at the United States Capitol after he was captured in photos sitting in the vice president’s Senate chair, the FBI says. Secor was arrested in California on February 16, according to the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.

Secor was seen in videos and photos sitting in the chair previously occupied by Vice President Mike Pence, the FBI said in a criminal complaint. He was also seen carrying a flag on Capitol Hill and on the Senate floor after vandalizing the building during the siege, FBI agents said.

Secor and UCLA have not commented on his arrest. It was not immediately clear whether Secor hired an attorney who could comment on his behalf. The case against Secor was released on February 17 after he appeared in court for the first time.

Informants told the FBI that “Secor is known for following an extreme ideology and inviting white nationalists to speak at engagements on campus.” The FBI also cited a Left Coast Right Watch article from January 8, 2021, titled “Here are the Nazis who toppled that monolith.” According to the LCRW report, Secor was among the “Groypers” that was launched, replacing a monolith that had appeared in Atascadero, California, in December 2020.

“Broadcast to the Twitch alternative, a friend of white supremacists, Live a group of Groypers ‘America First’ dressed in military uniforms, Trump merchandise and night vision goggles tore down the monolith of Atascadero, CA, the third installation of what appears to be a guerilla art project reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey, ”wrote LCRW.

Christian Secor Age

Christian Secor is 22 years old.

Christian Secor is Carrying the First America flag

According to the FBI, agents received information about Secor on the FBI’s media presentation portal and on the FBI hotline between January 17 and 22. At least 11 informants identified Secor as one of the riot participants who had entered the US Capitol Trump campaign. siege on the day a joint session of Congress, overseen by Vice President Mike Pence, was established to certify President Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.

The FBI wrote in a criminal complaint filed in the Secor case: “These informants provided images and video of Secor inside the United States Capitol building, both standing on the floor of the Senate chamber and sitting in the chair. of the presiding officer in the upper level of the two-level podium at the head of the Senate chamber. This seat is normally filled by the vice president of the United States and the president of the Senate, the president pro tempore, or another senator serving as president. These images circulated widely both through mainstream media and on social media platforms. ”

The FBI said Secor was seen in the images and videos wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat covered in various stickers, including a blue circle with the letters AF in white on the bill, along with a black, black jacket. gloves, tan pants and a T-shirt with a “doctored American flag and the letters“ IMER visible in white writing. ”The FBI said he also wore a large blue flag that read“ America First ”on it.

Criminal Charges

Según la denuncia penal, Secor también fue visto en un video grabado por The New Yorker que fue transmitido por MSNBC. Secor fue visto en el video en el piso del Senado y sentado en la silla que Pence sostenía anteriormente, con la bandera de America First contra la pared detrás de él, dijo el FBI. El video de vigilancia proporcionado a los investigadores por la policía del Capitolio también muestra a Secor en otras partes del Capitolio, incluido el corredor este y la galería del Senado, dijo el FBI.

Los investigadores dijeron que Secor fue visto en un momento en el video de vigilancia entre los alborotadores que intentaban atravesar una puerta bloqueada por tres policías del Capitolio. El FBI dijo que las acciones de Secor y otros empujando las puertas dobles bloqueadas por los oficiales hicieron que las puertas se abrieran y “decenas de alborotadores adicionales inundaron el edificio. Los agentes de policía del Capitolio fueron empujados por la multitud, a veces atrapados entre las puertas y la multitud, y finalmente empujados fuera del camino de la multitud que se acercaba. Los esfuerzos de las fuerzas del orden para mantener fuera a más alborotadores se vieron frustrados por la multitud que empujaba las puertas, incluida Secor. ”

Charges – Arrested

According to the DC Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Secor was charged with assaulting, resisting, or hindering the officers, in addition to aiding and inciting others in the same position and civil disorder, in addition to aiding and inciting that charge as well. He was also charged with obstructing official procedure, entering and staying in restricted buildings or land, and trespassing and disturbing public order.

UCLA students have called for Secor’s group, the America First Bruins, to be closed. “We knew there were warning signs of this level of extremism, violence and hatred,” UC Student Association President Aidan Arasasingham told the Orange County Register. “So why didn’t our university and the proper authorities intervene before it was too late before a UCLA student sat in the vice president’s chair after inciting a violent mob?”

Grayson Peters, a Jewish student who was among those who previously drew attention to Secor, told the Register: “It’s a very surreal feeling that the people you walk with on campus, or with whom you might have a class, are people who think you don’t belong to this country, nor do you want you to die. ”

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Investigation Report

Secor fue arrestado por el FBI en su casa en Costa Mesa, California, el 16 de febrero, según los fiscales. Un informante le dijo al FBI que Secor se había mudado nuevamente con su madre después de los disturbios y se había jactado de que no sería atrapado y acusado por su participación en el incidente porque se había deshecho de su teléfono y automóvil, según la denuncia penal.

Secor compareció ante el tribunal por primera vez el 17 de febrero y se le ordenó permanecer en la cárcel sin fianza a la espera de una audiencia de detención aún por programar, según CBS Los Ángeles.


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