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Christopher Michael Collins
Christopher Michael Collins

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Texas authorities have alleged that a woman found murdered in her home was actually killed by her husband. Spouse Christopher Michael Collins, 41, tried to cover up the shooting of Yuan Liang, 46, by making it look like an alleged intruder was the killer, but surveillance footage, a new life insurance policy, and the contents suspect of a gym locker ultimately. he killed him, according to Harris County prosecutors.

Christopher Michael Collins Age

He is 41 years old.

Killed His Wife

Liang was shot in the head by someone, Harris County deputies said early in the investigation. In the opening account on November 18, Liang called her husband that day to tell her that someone was on her property. Her husband, Collins, couldn’t reach her. Officers arrived at the home and Collins arrived shortly after, authorities said. He allegedly said that a person trespassed on her property two weeks earlier; Authorities reportedly said they were called by a suspicious man.

Her husband and the deputies entered the house and found Liang dead on the ground that day.

But prosecutors said at a probable cause hearing there were no signs of forced entry or signs of fighting, according to Houston television station KPRC. Nothing seemed stolen, they added.

Collins’ story allegedly began to unravel. According to authorities, there were cameras inside that could be viewed remotely, but Collins said he did not check the system after he was unable to communicate with Liang. Apparently, he also said that he did not know why she did not return home immediately.

“[He] didn’t know why he stayed in the gym for 45 minutes; he was only 3.5 miles from his house, “the prosecutor said.

When asked if he and his wife had a life insurance policy, Collins allegedly said no because they didn’t make a payment, but investigators said they found life insurance papers for a $ 250,000 policy that the couple signed on. Nov. 16.

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Collins allegedly said there should be a 9mm pistol in the laundry that his wife had bought. He said he didn’t like guns and that there was no ammunition in the home, but detectives eventually found a .22-caliber bullet in his pants, authorities said.

Surveillance footage from the gym allegedly showed Collins exercising for just five minutes. He allegedly went in and out of the locker room repeatedly. Authorities claimed to have found his wife’s wallet, her ID, passport, bank cards, cosmetic bag, and cash in one of the locked lockers. She had last been there with her husband on November 8, but neither seemed to be using the locker rooms and in addition, gym staff members said they cleaned out the item lockers on November 13. the staff informed authorities.

Liang was shot with a sleep mask, and a bag was apparently put over his head after that, authorities said. They are using this detail against Collins, suggesting that he did not want to see his wife’s face when she died, KTRK reported.

Collins is being held on a $ 150,000 bond. He reportedly did not appear in court because he was receiving a mental health evaluation. His attorney of record for his did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Law & Crime.


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