Who is Cierra Zendet Flores? Wiki, Bio, Age, Torch Ex-Boyfriend

Cierra Zendet Flores
Cierra Zendet Flores

Cierra Zendet Flores Wiki – Cierra Zendet Flores Biography

One woman admitted that she tried to set her ex-boyfriend’s work vehicle on fire with a Molotov cocktail and a burning trash can, according to investigators with the San Antonio, Texas, fire department. Cierra Zendet Flores, 35, faces a charge of arson, online records show.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Flores was scheduled to be evicted Friday from his ex’s home. The former visited a friend on Saturday and spent the night there, authorities said. Surveillance footage showed Flores’s vehicle driving early Sunday morning at 5:19 a.m., investigators said. “A Molotov cocktail is observed being thrown next to the victim’s vehicle,” the investigator wrote. Minutes later, he passed again and parked approximately 20 feet from his ex’s vehicle, according to the affidavit.

Cierra Zendet Flores Age

Cierra Zendet Flores is 35 years old.

Torch Ex-Boyfriend’s Car Using Molotov Cocktail and Trash Can Fire

Flores approached her ex’s work vehicle and set another fire in the driver’s side area, authorities said.

“The defendant is then seen walking back to her vehicle,” the documents read.

The ex-boyfriend realized his vehicle was on fire, ran up to him, and pulled him away from the fire. The vehicle suffered damage to the driver’s side, including a tire, authorities said.

Investigators said Flores admitted to wrongdoing during questioning. He allegedly said that he made a Molotov cocktail.

“The defendant admits to buying gasoline worth approximately $ 1 at a corner store near the fire site and then pouring the gasoline into a plastic bottle with material on the neck of the bottle,” authorities said.

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Flores drove to his ex’s car and threw the Molotov cocktail, but failed, according to this version of events.

“Then the defendant stated that she wanted to change her mind about what she had done and returned to the scene,” authorities said. The cocktail did not burn the vehicle, in this account. But instead of stopping, Flores allegedly grabbed a small trash can from his car, set it on fire with gasoline, and put it under his ex’s vehicle.

“The Respondent stated that he had to go through a corner store because he had to wash his hands with the smell of gasoline,” the authorities added. Flores allegedly said that she was upset “at the treatment she received from her during their 6-year relationship.”


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