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Cole Hagen
Cole Hagen

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This teenager, Cole Hagen, is a junior at Brazoswood High School and a college football player. The institute falls about an hour south of Houston. On Friday, December 3, Cole was lured to a party by his “so-called friends” of him. This information was provided by Cole’s older brother Cory Hagen to KPRC-TV, an NBC-affiliated television station.

A 16-year-old is reportedly still unconscious in the hospital ICU after his alleged friends from school brutally attacked him in the middle of the street during a party. The victim’s family seems to believe that the attack on his son was nothing more than a trap.

Cole Hagen Age

Cole Hagen is 16 years old.

BRUTALLY beaten by friends at the party

Cory explained how his younger brother Cole had been invited to a social gathering in the Lake Jackson farm neighborhood. He went on to say that shortly after Cole arrived at the party, another teenager informed Cole that her car had been damaged. In a natural response to such news, Cole rushed out to check his vehicle.

Not even a minute later, Cole was attacked and brutally beaten by his “so-called friends of his.” His older brother added that one of the students in the group who attacked Cole hit him with a “blunt object” on the back of his head. He suspects that the “circle leader” had been planning this attack and the party since earlier this week. Once this group fled the scene, the “circle leader” texted one of Cole’s close friends saying, “Go get your boy off the street.”

Other students who were at the meeting reported that once they finished attacking Cole, they left him lying on the ground outside. Cole was admitted to Memorial Hermann Hospital on the night of Friday, December 3, after this horrendous incident. After doctors reviewed it, they reported three different skull fractures.

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The victim’s family is offering $ 20,000 as a reward to any student who may have a video of this attack. Given that almost everyone uses a smartphone these days and with the start of sharing every minute on social media, retrieving a video of the attack would not be impossible.

‘Mindless act of brutality’

In his interview with KPRC-TV, Cory expressed his feelings for him. “What I’m feeling is ah, it’s a roller coaster of the most extreme pain you can imagine. Seeing him hurt and being attacked in this senseless act of brutality is unimaginable.”

Since numerous Brazoswood High School students were part of this incident, the school has also released a statement that reads: “We are aware that a Brazoswood High School student was the victim of an off-campus assault on a Lake Jackson residence by another Brazoswood student over the weekend. The student involved will not be on campus. ”


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