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Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez

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Daniel Ramirez, A man was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday morning after jumping out of a plane’s kitchen door onto the runway as the plane headed for a door, police said, as his family believes that he may have been dealing with mental illness.

Daniel Ramirez was charged with two counts of burglary, charged with opening the back door of the plane he had been in and jumping when it landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The Southwest Airlines flight was arriving from Colorado Springs on Saturday morning.

Daniel Ramirez Age

Daniel Ramirez is 30 years old.

Daniel Ramirez Jumped Out of Plane

After jumping, Ramirez headed to a nearby fire department and locked himself inside, authorities said. The flight captain stopped the plane after the incident and contacted air traffic control. All the remaining passengers were able to reach his door once the authorities arrived.

“After a few minutes, firefighters were able to get the adult male to open the door where he was then evaluated, treated, and transported to a local hospital for a lower extremity injury,” Fire Department Capt. Todd Keller told Fox 11. of Phoenix.

Members of Ramirez’s family spoke to ABC 15 on Saturday and said that he had told them that he feared for his life. He had reportedly been working a tiling job in Colorado Springs, but he flew home early because he believed someone was chasing him and might try to kill him.

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“I don’t want to be portrayed as an oh … a crazy guy who jumped out of the plane,” said Theresa Padilla, Ramirez’s mother who called him on video before the flight. “You know. I mean, he was running and hiding because he thought someone was chasing him.”

The video call with Ramirez reportedly lasted for hours and only ended when he had to board the plane.

“We were on the phone with him for seven hours,” said sister-in-law Emily Luevano. “He was paranoid saying that someone would catch me. Someone was going to kill me.”

“I told him, I said … we’re not going to leave you alone,” Padilla continued. “We are not going to leave you alone.”

The family said they want Ramirez to receive a mental evaluation before his case progresses, having told the Phoenix Police Department they believe he needs help. They also suspect that Ramírez could be dealing with a case of schizophrenia, due to family history with the condition.

Ramirez’s case remains under investigation.


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