Who is Desiree Ache? Wiki, Bio, Age, Mum accused of poisoning her sons, Arrested

By | April 17, 2023

Desiree Ache Wiki – Desiree Ache Biography

Desiree Ache, A mother confessed to authorities that she had done “something terrible” after poisoning her two children with sleeping pills and spending an entire day with their bodies. Desiree Ache, 43, allegedly murdered Hagen, 9, and Theodor, 7, on April 8.

Desiree Ache Age

Desiree Ache is 43 years old.

Incident Detail

Ache’s close friends say she may have carried out the heinous act after learning that her ex had found a new partner. She then spent the entire day with her body before alerting the police about the tragedy in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The Public Ministry has not yet ruled on the motive for the crime.

According to local media reports, the children’s father, Stefan, had taken the couple to spend the Easter holidays with their mother, despite serious concerns for her mental health. He had sole custody of the children and planned to pick them up on April 9. He also had plans to go on vacation with them and their new partner for a week.

Officers found the bodies of the victims in his apartment after Ache’s call to the police. She was then arrested and held in custody on murder charges.

“Desiree did not approve of Stefan’s new love and she wanted to punish him by killing his children,” an anonymous close acquaintance of Ache said, according to The Mirror. “The children were innocent victims of Desiree’s revenge. That’s why she didn’t take her own life because now she can make him suffer, even if she’s behind bars. She knows full well that she has taken what she loved the most and destroyed her life. life as a result.”

In the children’s obituary, her family wrote: “You were torn from us by violence, but you are still an angel.” The investigation is currently ongoing.

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