Who is Dmitry Ponomarenko? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Killed his father, Arrested, Charge

Dmitry Ponomarenko
Dmitry Ponomarenko

Dmitry Ponomarenko Wiki – Dmitry Ponomarenko Biography

Dmitry Ponomarenko was arrested on January 20 after police said they believe he beheaded his father and walked nearby streets with his head severed while covered by the intestines of another victim. The criminal department of the National Police of Ukraine posted about the incident, which occurred in Odesa, Ukraine, on Telegram, writing that an investigation is underway.

In a press release, authorities said they received reports of “a man walking down the street with a human head in his hands.” Responding officers saw the individual return to an apartment building and followed him, at which point the bodies of two victims were found. According to the press release, both bodies showed “signs of violent death”.

Dmitry Ponomarenko Age

Dmitry Ponomarenko is 30 years old.


The victims were identified by The Sun as the suspect’s father, Igor Ponomarenko, 53, and family friend Aleksandr Demchenko, 32. Ponomarenko was arrested and charged with double murder, the Ukraine Information Service reported, and if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison.

Police officers told local news outlet Dumskaya that when they responded to the scene, Ponomarenko, while still holding the head of his father, told them that “he is a god who is not worshiped.” The police Telegram post stated that Ponomarenko was not only holding the severed head of his father but was also “engulfed in human internal organs.” He told officers that his actions were part of a ritual ceremony, the Ukraine Information  Service reported.

Following him to the apartment on Heavenly Hundred Avenue, agents discovered the bodies of Ponomarenko’s father and a family friend who also lived in the apartment. The National Police of Ukraine also shared a video of Ponomarenko’s investigation and arrest.


When authorities arrested the suspect, the 30-year-old was asked why he committed the crime and replied simply: “Because I wanted to.” He also told officers that they should not handcuff him because he was not “a pig,” wrote the Information Service of Ukraine.

Neighbors Spoke About Their Horror

One of Ponomarenko’s neighbors described the horrible scene to local media: “A naked, bloody man, wrapped in guts and holding a man’s head in his hands, walked out the front door, sat on a bench and lit a cigarette”. Another neighbor said he started a “riot” in the streets, hitting vehicles with the severed head of his father, The Sun wrote.

According to The Sun, Ponomarenko was fired from his job at Duke Hotel the day before the incident because he was under the influence of drugs and exhibited “inappropriate behavior,” a source reported.

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On January 22, Ponomarenko appeared in court, where prosecutors argued against bail, stating that he does not have permanent residence or work and that he could commit a crime again. Ponomarenko is married and has a 4-year-old son, reported the Information Service of Ukraine. The judge denied him bail and ordered the 30-year-old suspect to be sent to a remand center in Odessa for two months.


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