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Emily Mai
Emily Mai

Emily Mai Wiki – Emily Mai Biography

Emily Mai model from OnlyFans is the mother of a 15-month-old baby and has been earning decently through her spicy content to support a family of two. In fact, the former stripper makes up to $ 250,000 a year through the popular platform and saves a ton for her son’s future.

Emily, who has over 97,000 on her Instagram account and almost 63,000 likes on her OnlyFans account, offers an exclusive subscription service to her audience at $ 14.99 per month. When she’s not seducing the internet with skimpy clothes and revealing poses, Emily Mai is just a “normal mom” who cooks for her son, goes on play dates, or catches up with the group of mothers. However, not everyone welcomes a new mom with an OnlyFans account. So she has to hide her ‘secret’ from the other moms for the sake of her son.

A single mother from Melbourne, Australia, has fallen to the center of controversy after she revealed that she takes obscene photos for her OnlyFans account while her little one sleeps in the next room.

Emily Mai Age

Emily Mai is 31 years old.

Emily Mai – More Facts You Need to Know

Emily had worked in administrative positions in the past but found them “boring” until she joined the ad**ult industry about seven years ago. She was a stripper manager until she trained to become a stripper herself. She constantly shared photos of her performances online and gradually gained a sizable fan base.

She became pregnant with her child in November 2019 and observed that she lost “a part” of her followers in the later stages of her pregnancy. However, she didn’t stop and was back in the spotlight shortly after giving birth.

“When I had my son, I knew that I wanted to do something where I could be close to my son, and at the same time bring the same amount of money,” she revealed, adding that the first objection came from her own mother. . “My mother is very conservative and does not like to talk to me about my work, she asks me when I am going to get an office job. But she has seen over the years how present I have been with my son and family. open to that. “The rest of my family has been so kind and supportive,” he shared.

However, the famous adult model is often the victim of brutal trolling and moral vigilance by people in her circles. “I haven’t told any of the moms in my mother’s group yet, I’m not sure how they will handle that information. Everyone thinks I’m a stay-at-home mom! “She mentioned herself.

Emily became more cautious after one of her mothers accidentally found out about her work and “threatened” to rather out in the community. “She has referred time and again to me ‘being forced to work in the s**ex industry,'” Emily shared ruefully.

“When people find out what I do at work, they can’t believe it because I usually wear baggy T-shirts and leggings and I look like a normal mother. I am nothing like what people imagine her to be an OnlyFans model. There is a great stigma around being a mother and enjoying s**ex, “she added.

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But how does she manage to pursue a career in the ad**ult industry while raising a child singlehandedly? Emily revealed in detail her strict hours and limits.

“I wake up, I give my son breakfast and I have my morning routine where I make coffee and he plays while I check my OnlyFans. I will wait until his nap time to create content or send messages to my fans.”

“When my son sleeps, I do administration or take photos in a different room. But I don’t shoot any video when he’s at the house, I’ll arrange it for family members to see when he does. Once he’s awake, I become a father again, I do things like cook, play dates, and when he sleeps, I go back to work. ”

Reflecting on how OnlyFans has helped her have a profitable career from the comfort of her home, the 31-year-old mother added: “Much of what I earn goes into savings for her future. I am not earning all this money by spending it on handbags. designer and at a nice dinner. And I have a lot of time with my son. We go to his toddler activities and catch up with our group of mothers or see our family, and I’m not exhausted from doing 13-hour Nights in a strip club “.


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