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Emily Rainey
Emily Rainey

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Emily Rainey is assigned to the 4th Psychological Operations Group at Fort Bragg, according to Major Daniel Lessard, a spokesman for 1st Special Forces Command. Known as PSYOPS, the group uses information and misinformation to shape the emotions, decision-making, and actions of American adversaries.

This is not the first time that Rainey’s actions have come under scrutiny. In May, the captain made headlines after she posted a video online in which she appeared lowering the warning tape at a playground that was closed under North Carolina COVID-19 restrictions.

The Army gave Rainey “appropriate administrative action” for the incident, and she submitted her resignation in September, according to Lessard. He said that the process for an officer’s resignation can take six months or more and that Rainey will leave the Army in April.

In Washington on Wednesday, insurgents seized the chambers of the House and Senate, smashed windows and waved Trump, the United States and Confederate flags. Five people, including a Capitol police officer, were killed. The riot followed the demonstration in which Trump repeated false claims that the elections had been rigged against him and urged his followers to “fight like hell.”

Rainey said her group and most of the people who traveled to Washington “are peace-loving, law-abiding people who did nothing but demonstrate our First Amendment rights.”

So far, at least 90 people have been arrested on charges ranging from misdemeanor curfew violations to felonies involving assaults on police officers, possession of illegal weapons, and death threats against the Speaker of the House of Representatives. , Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California.

Emily Rainey Age

Emily Rainey is 30 years old.

Officer resigns as Army investigates

A psychological operations officer the Army is investigating for taking a group of North Carolinians to the rally in Washington that led to the deadly riot on the U.S. Capitol had already resigned from his post, reports the CBS News correspondent. , David Martin. Fort Bragg commanders said they were reviewing Captain Emily Rainey’s participation in last week’s events in the nation’s capital, but she said she acted within military regulations and that no one in her group violated the law.

“I was a private citizen and did everything well and within my rights,” Rainey told The Associated Press on Sunday.

A Defense official told CBS News that the Army is investigating how many soldiers from Fort Bragg accompanied Rainey to Washington. Rainey had resigned from her post after receiving a reprimand letter that ended her career for her actions at an earlier protest in the Fort Bragg area, Martin reports.

Because the process takes time, Rainey was still on active duty when she led a group of protesters to Washington and she is due to leave the Army next month. Fort Bragg officials are now working to determine what other soldiers went to Washington and if they were part of the mob that stormed the Capitol, Martin reports.

Rainey said she led 100 members of the Moore County Citizens for Freedom, which describes itself online as a nonpartisan network promoting conservative values, from North Carolina to Washington to “oppose voter fraud” and support Trump. She said the group attended the rally, but she did not know of anyone entering the Capitol and heading back to their buses hours before the emergency curfew went into effect.

Rainey said his group and most of the people who traveled to Washington “are peace-loving, law-abiding people who did nothing more than demonstrate our First Amendment rights.”

Members of the US military can participate in political organizations and events without uniforms. However, there are caveats. The Department of Defense directive prohibits active-duty service members from sponsoring partisan organizations. It’s unclear whether Rainey’s involvement with his group on Wednesday was against Department of Defense policy.

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Rainey said she attended Trump’s rally while on leave and did not announce that he was an army officer. He said Sunday afternoon that his commanders had not inquired about his time in Washington, but that he did not immediately respond to a subsequent inquiry about the Army investigation.

“I told my bosses before I left that I was leaving and I told them when I came back,” he said.

Rep. Ruben Gallego, an Arizona Democrat who is a veteran of the Iraq War, tweeted Monday that Rainey “needs to be removed from her job.”



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