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Emma Tustin
Emma Tustin

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Emma Tustin, who is also accused of killing her stepson, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, changed her plea to the child cruelty charge Monday at the end of the defense evidence.

Arthur’s father, Thomas Hughes, 29, and his partner Tustin are currently on trial on joint charges of murder after the boy suffered “insurmountable brain injury” on June 17, 2020.

Emma Tustin Age

Emma Tustin is 32-year-old.

Pleaded guilty

A stepmother accused of murdering a six-year-old boy pleaded guilty mid-trial to cruelly beating the boy in the days before he suffered a fatal head injury.

Cruelly beating the boy to Death

Tustin, 32, is alleged to have carried out the fatal assault while exclusively caring for Arthur, and immediately thereafter went to get his mobile phone to take a picture of the young man as he was dying in the hallway of his home on Cranmore Road. Solihull West Midlands.

Hughes is accused of aiding and abetting the murder, including texting Tustin before her son’s fatal collapse telling him that she “will end up with her son when I get back.”

Prosecutors have alleged that the couple carried out a “campaign of cruelty”, equivalent to “torture”, against Arthur, in which they force-fed him salt foods, kept him in isolation at home, starved him, dehydrated him, and beat him routinely.

Tustin’s attorney, Mary Prior QC, told Coventry Crown Court jurors that her client had admitted on her own evidence “three assaults … all captured on CCTV, which occurred between the 12th and 16th. June 2020, “which led to his statement change.

Tustin claimed that Arthur’s fatal head injury was self-inflicted, possibly from throwing himself down her hallway stairs, where he was forced to spend “12 to 14 hours” a day, as part of the couple’s behavioral regimen.

During her evidence, Hughes claimed that Tustin “mentally abused” and “tricked” him into complying with the disciplinary regimen of punishment, but also admitted to lying to school personnel who were checking on Arthur’s progress during the first lockdown. of Covid.

Earlier Monday, the jury heard the latest evidence in Hughes’s defense, from a woman who shared a cell with Tustin while awaiting trial for Arthur’s murder.

Elaine Pritchard was Tustin’s “roommate” at HMP Eastwood Park in Gloucestershire in November of last year.

She said she vandalized the cell and ordered Tustin out after reading that Arthur had suffered about 130 different injuries.

Pritchard, 48, told jurors that she has a long history of crimes related to drug and alcohol abuse, including assault and driving under the influence.

In May 2007, she had also admitted to two counts of neglect of her children, which were removed from her care in 2007, as she told the jury that drugs had “taken over” in life. of her at that time.

Ms Pritchard was asked about an argument she had while she shared a cell with Tustin in November 2021, which ended when she called the prison guards to remove her cellmate.

As evidence, she said that she had seen the Tustin case paperwork on a side table.

She said: “I saw a comment from the paramedics and 137 bruises. In his body. And that she didn’t show any emotion. ”

Bernard Richmond QC, representing Hughes, asked, “How did he know you had seen him?”

Ms. Pritchard replied, “Because I ended up kicking her out of the cell.”

She added: “I asked him, why wouldn’t he know that a child had all these injuries?

“I asked him when he had bathed or showered him.

“She said ‘Oh I didn’t do that, she just used to give him a towel.’

“He was quite angry about the fact that someone had 137 bruises on her body.”

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When asked what Tustin did when Ms. Pritchard got angry, she stated: “She was sitting on her bed or in the chair, with her knees up, and I started throwing her things in the corner of the room, saying ‘Te you’re putting out, you’re leaving. ‘

“I rang the alarm bell for the staff, I was afraid I would end up staying in prison.”

Ms. Pritchard then alleged: “She told me ‘They took your children from you and I said ‘Yes, I did, but you are not going to get your children back, you have murdered a little boy, you have killed a child. ‘.

“She wasn’t interested; all she talked about was her own children, she never talked about Arthur.”

Ms. Pritchard was also asked about an alleged comment Tustin made to her, describing Arthur as a “little fucker,” when she had “stopped” him from leaving the house to chase after her father.

However, Ms. Pritchard was unable to tell the jury whether the words allegedly used by Tustin referred to an incident on the day of Arthur’s fatal collapse.

Tustin previously pleaded guilty on the first day of trial to another charge of child cruelty: she abused Arthur on multiple occasions by “forcing him to stand up, isolate him within the family home, and physically or verbally intimidate him.”

Hughes denies a similar charge, as well as another child cruelty charge of “intentionally assaulting Arthur on multiple occasions.”

The couple also deny allegations of child cruelty by administering salt to Arthur between June 1-17 of last year, and by not eating or drinking.

Hughes, of Stroud Road, and Tustin, of Cranmore Road, also deny the murder and the trial continues with the judge now giving legal instructions to the jury.


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