Who is Ivy Reneau? Teacher, Wiki, Bio, Age, Send naked photos and video to student, Charged

By | May 30, 2022

Ivy Reneau Wiki – Ivy Reneau Biography

Ivy Reneau, an Oklahoma high school teacher, is facing felony charges over claims she se**xted a 16-year-old boy after telling him she “heard you liked him.”

Ivy Reneau, 28, is accused of using technology to engage in lewd se**xual communication with a minor and a warrant is out for her arrest.

Ivy Reneau Age

Ivy Reneau is 28 years old.

Send naked photos and video to a student, Charged

The former Midwest City Middle School teacher has not yet been arrested. Oklahoma’s age of consent is 16, but adults in a position of authority can still be charged for having se**x with children under the age of 18.

New court documents filed in Oklahoma County District Court reveal that Reneau met the teen, who is a student in the district, at soccer practice.

Reneau was an assistant soccer coach at the time and “heard rumors that he liked her and wanted to see her run,” KFOR reported, citing court documents.

Reneau allegedly added the teen on Snapchat and sent him three or four nude photos and an inappropriate video that the teen showed some of his teammates, according to court records.

Social media expert Patrick Allmond told KFOR that social media users should assume that any photos they send could also be posted on a billboard for all to see, despite the idea that with Snapchat, images theoretically disappear after a short time.

“Oftentimes with young people and our teachers there is an implicit sense of trust,” Allmond said. “One of the advantages of Snapchat has been that it’s very short, it’s very fast, and then it’s gone and, in theory, gone forever.”

“Before you hit send, you have to assume that you might as well be taking that photo and putting it on a billboard on the side of, you know, Broadway Extension.”

Reneau admitted to Midwest City police that she sent the photos to the teen, but she denied any physical relationship, KFOR reported.

The former teacher only confessed that they had “talked about hanging out once, but never did,” according to court documents.

The school district previously issued a statement to KFOR about the incident and confirmed that Reneau is no longer an employee of Mid-Del Schools. However, her photo appears to still be in the staff directory on the school’s website.

‘District officials have been notified of an alleged relationship between a Mid-Del staff member and a student. We reported the information to the police so they could launch an investigation. The staff member is no longer an employee of Mid-Del Schools and we have worked closely with the student’s family in the wake of this allegation. We will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities.’

Reneau now faces a felony charge and has not yet been arrested.

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