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By | April 13, 2023

Jack Teixeira Wiki – Jack Teixeira Biography

Jack Teixeira is a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, accused of being the leader of a “small online game chat group” called “Thug Shaker Central”, which holds classified US defense and classified documents, Three law enforcement officials say officials believe Teixeira leaked the documents. Teixeira was arrested on April 13, 2023, according to a tweet by CBS Boston correspondent Cheryl Fiandaca.

Jack Teixeira Age

Jack Teixeira is 21 years old.

Jack Teixeira – All You Need To Know

In a private investigation, The Times reported that Teixeira “supervised the private online group Thug Shaker Central.” Teixeira has not been formally charged with leaking the documents by the authorities. Bellingcat, who has been searching the documents for days, reported that they “disclosed the details of the events and presented an analysis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine until March 2023”.

Members of the Thug Shaker Central chat group spoke to the newspaper, and one claimed to have met the leader in person, referring to him as “OG” and being older than the other members. The Times quoted a friend of the Thug Shaker Central leader as saying: “This guy was a Christian, he was a pacifist, he just wanted some of his friends to find out what’s going on. There are some people in our group who are in Ukraine. We like fighting games, we like war games.”

The Times reported that “a trail of digital evidence compiled by The Times led to Airman Teixeira.” That evidence matches Teixeira’s “online gambling profile” and details in the margins of some of the photos in the leaked confidential documents posted on social media, which the Times said.

According to Bellingcat, the documents were photographed and included “wrinkles” and items “like a hunting binocular box and some Gorilla Glue visible in the background.” “Mass lives in Dighton,” said Teixeira, 21, “the secret defense and intelligence circulating online.” We’ve identified the person suspected of leaking his documents.” The New York Times spoke to Teixeira’s mother, Dawn, “outside her Massachusetts home.” In doing so, “Someone who looked like Aviator Teixeira arrived on the property in a red pickup truck,” The Times reported.

On his second visit, the Times asked to speak with Teixeira, and a man with Teixeira’s mother told the newspaper: “If things go as they are now, he needs a lawyer. The feds will be around soon, I’m sure,” the Times reported. The Times reported that Teixeira was a member of the “intelligence wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard.”

On July 7, 2022, the 102nd Intelligence Wing wrote on Facebook: “Congratulations to some of the newest 102nd Intelligence Wing organizers! Time to go!!!” A graphic listing has been added to this post in which service members are appreciated. Teixeira’s name was listed under “Aviator First Class”. “You may want to delete this post and photo,” one woman wrote in the comment thread after news about Teixeira broke out.

Teixeira’s mother said she “confirmed that her son is a member of the Air National Guard and has recently worked the night shift at a base in Cape Cod” and has recently changed her phone number. According to reports, the classified documents were posted on Discord, a messaging platform used by gamers.

Bellingcat reported that the documents “started to spread through pro-Russian Telegram channels”, including the “Donbas Devushka” Telegram channel. Later, a 4chan user posted about them, the site shared this link. Bellingcat reported that the statistics shared on these different platforms are different and that a document may have been modified to “show Ukraine losses higher.”

A month later, “10 documents were published on a Discord server called ‘Minecraft Earth Map’,” according to Bellingcat. Bellingcat reported that the documents were shared “on a Discord server called WowMao, managed by a popular YouTuber of the same name and for his fans.”

Bellingcat later “spoke to members of a separate Discord community, often referred to as ‘Thug Shaker Central,’ but also referred to by various other names at different times, who claimed that other footage was previously posted to another server because it was removed.” As for Thug Shaker Central, Bellingcat said, “Other than these user testimonials and scattered references to its presence on 4chan, no trace of this server remains.”

An online site called Bellingcat and the Washington Post explores the group’s story online.

“These documents appeared to date back to early March when they were first published online on Discord, a popular messaging platform among gamers,” Bellingcat said.

However, Bellingcat wrote that he “sees evidence that some January-dated documents may have been posted online earlier, but it’s unclear exactly when.”

Bellingcat wrote that “three members of the Discord community” claimed, “many more documents have been shared on other Discord servers in recent months.” ‘Thug Shaker Central’ members tell The Times they are ‘not taking sides in Ukraine conflict
According to The Times, “Thug Shaker Central members” told the newspaper that the “documents they discussed online were purely informational.” The newspaper told The Times they “didn’t take sides in the conflict”.

“As you know, a full investigation is underway with the intelligence community and the Department of Justice and they are approaching,” said President Joe Biden.

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