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By | April 11, 2023

Jamal Thomas Wiki – Jamal Thomas Biography

The victim was tragically shot as he was leaving his home with his pregnant wife and three children, and the Oakland Police Department was sued for allegedly allowing an occupant to intimidate his neighbor. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the family of Miles Armstead, who was killed this week in federal court in California.

He was shot in the back of the head by Jamal Thomas, who is currently in prison, while leaving their home on Ney Street with his family in May 2020. Amstead and his wife, Melina, had decided to sell the house they had painstakingly bought the day before he was assassinated, but while fleeing from Thomas, he ambushed them and killed Amstead.

Jamal Thomas Age

Jamal Thomas is 50 years old.

Incident Detail

They had previously called the Oakland Police Department 23 times for help, but the police there simply ignored them. The officers also made fun of Amstead and Thomas’ plight, calling them “two twelve-year-old girls”. According to his Facebook profile, Miles Armstead attended the University of San Francisco and worked as a private banker at Wells Fargo Bank’s Regional Bank II.

According to the Courthouse News Service, the 44-year-old father of four, who is also expecting a child from his second wife, was shot dead while working in the garden of his East Oakland home on May 1, 2020. abusing the family for months

Then, in November 2019, Thomas started a cycle of abuse against the family of six, frantically banging on his door and even trying to break in. After plaguing for weeks, he finally forced authorities to arrest him for making “terrorist threats” against the family, about a month before the murder. Thomas was released a few days later, however, and it is said that most of the 23 calls Armstead made to the police to report Thomas’ crimes were ignored.

According to the lawsuit, when police officers arrived, they often ignored Armstead’s complaints, whining about understaffing, or attributing Armstead’s problems to trivial incidents. Attempting to break into Armstead’s home on Thanksgiving 2019, Thomas screamed inconsistently as he frantically beat the front door. The case details how the family was dissatisfied with the behavior of the police department.

The lawsuit begins with the statement, “Unfortunately, this was the first incident in six months of escalating harassment and threatening behavior against the Armstead family.” He then goes on to describe the dangers Armstead and his family faced during this time. The lawsuit states that initial teasing, verbal threats, knocking on the door, ringing the doorbell, and other offensive behaviors constitute a pattern of ongoing threats and harassment.

Armsteads regularly called the police and reported the incidents. The lawsuit alleges that the accused Oakland Police Department officers “could not detect, detain, and/or prevent the conduct. Oakland police officers claimed that “understaffed, overwork, and family requests for help were not a high priority,” according to lawyers demanding payment for the family’s misery and suffering.

The complaint alleges that the cops spoke to Thomas in the building next door while he was outside, “indirectly showing that he could continue to harass her with impunity.” He also claims that an OPD officer, annoyed by Armstead’s concerns, told the two men that they were “acting like 12-year-old girls.” According to the lawsuit, Oakland police officer Alejandro Padilla made this statement on February 26, 2020, just before he and a partner arrested Thomas after he learned that the suspect had threatened Armstead with a baseball bat when they arrived at the scene.

Allegedly, Miles Armstead, who received the 11th call from the family since November, informed the police that the suspect threatened to start a fire in his home while his family was present. At the time, the department had three police reports on the file summarizing the violent acts committed by the accused; one of them was that Melina, who was pregnant at the time, was seriously injured “from shards of glass hitting her”. during one of the explosions, according to the case.

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