Who Is Jamie Komoroski? Wiki, Bio, Age, Killed Samantha Miller And Aric Hutchinson, Charged

By | May 3, 2023


Jamie Komoroski

Jamie Lee Komoroski, The drunk driver, who crashed into and killed the bride hours after her wedding, was photographed disguised as a bottle of Bud Light as she is allegedly currently on a suicide watch in prison.

Jamie Lee Komoroski, 25, was photographed wearing the outfit as a kid in November 2018. Bud Light logos were affixed to his wrists and legs, and his shirt had “year” written on it. The outfit looks like a drunken Halloween pun on the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear, and Komoroski wears a makeshift pair of wings similar to those seen on the toy astronaut.

Jamie Komoroski is 25 years old.

This snapshot is one of many photos on Komoroski’s Instagram that refer to alcohol or show him enjoying a drink. Charged with murder while drunk Samantha Hutchinson, 34, injured Samantha’s 36-year-old husband, Aric. Her latest photo, which she uploaded to Instagram last Tuesday, shows her posing on the beach in a bikini. white, “Did someone say tequila?” In another photo uploaded on May 22, it reads, “Shut up, buttercup!” He is seen holding a tin that says

Samantha Miller, 34, and Aric Hutchinson, 36,


And in October 2018, Komoroski was photographed holding a bottle of what looked like sparkling wine labeled “Tailgate Queens” to his mouth. Annoyingly, Komoroski uploaded a photo of her victims taken on March 28 at Folly Beach, where they had their wedding ceremony before Friday’s tragic accident. Meanwhile, Komoroski is watched for fear that he may take his own life after the horrific accident.

Hours after their wedding in Folly Beach, her car crashed into a golf cart carrying Samantha Hutchinson, 34, and her new husband, 36, Aric Hutchinson. Samantha was killed Aric and two other passengers were seriously injured at the time of the crash at 65 mph. Since then, the mother and sister of the tragic bride have recounted how Samantha had the happiest day of her life hours before her tragic death and shared heartwarming snapshots of enjoying life as a newlywed just hours before she died. Folly Beach officials said Komoroski was not injured in the fatal accident. He was traveling 65 mph in a 25 mph zone at the time of the crash and smelled of alcohol, but refused to take the field sobriety test.

According to the sworn statement, he told first responders that he had a beer and a glass of tequila before getting behind the wheel.

When officers asked him how he felt on a scale of one to ten (ten completely sober), Komoroski reportedly said he was eight years old.

Komoroski’s blood test results are still pending, but Charleston County records show he was charged with three felony DUIs and one reckless murder resulting in serious bodily injury or death.

He is held without bail.

He could face up to 25 years in prison for the death of his girlfriend, plus a fine of up to $25,100, and an additional 15 years and a $10,100 fine for causing serious injuries to the men in the car.

He could face a 10-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $5,000 for reckless killing, and his driver’s license could be confiscated for five years after his release.

Komoroski was first charged with speeding on May 31, 2018, in Horry County, South Carolina, home of Myrtle Beach and Coastal Carolina University, where Komoroski attended school.

Charged with exceeding the speed limit by less than 10 mph, he pleaded guilty and paid a $76.50 fine.

Later that year, Komoroski pleaded guilty to a charge of driving a vehicle at an unreasonable speed for the road conditions. He was arrested in November during a rare freeze alert in the popular tourist area.

In 2019, Komoroski was again charged with speeding 10 mph or less, again pleading guilty and paying an additional $76.50 for it.

He was most recently quoted for not using a turn signal or stop sign for which he pleaded guilty on April 5, 2023, and paid a $25 fine.

A GoFundMe for Aric and his family raised over $390,000 with his mother, Anette, and wrote: “Aric’s wedding ring was delivered to me in a plastic bag at the hospital five hours after Sam put it on his chest. finger and read each other”. vows Aric has lost the love of his life.

Who were Samantha Miller And Aric Hutchinson? Newlywed bride killed, Incident Detail

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