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Joseph Eaton

Joseph Eaton Wiki – Joseph Eaton Biography

The Maine State Police said in a press release that Joseph Eaton is the suspect accused of shooting and killing four people in a home in Bowdoin, Maine, on Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

Police previously said these deaths were related to gunshots on I-295 that injured three others, but the press release does not say Eaton was blamed for this. The Sun Journal reported that he was a suspect in both attacks.

Joseph Eaton Age

Joseph Eaton is 34 years old.

Charged – Arrested

“Maine State Police has charged and arrested Joseph Eaton, 34, of Bowdoin, for the murder of four victims at his Augusta Road residence in Bowdoin this morning.” Investigators will examine multiple scenes throughout the night and continue to interview those involved. Eaton has been transferred to Two Bridges District Prison in Wiscasset and will appear in court for the first time this week. A press conference will be held later on 19.04.2023 to address the depth of this investigation.”

Police noted, “If anyone was involved in or witnessed the incident in any of these locations, please call the Augusta Regional Contact Center on 207.624.7076, option number 9.” The identities of the victims have not yet been made public. According to the Sun Journal, the Bowdoin incident occurred at a home on Augusta Road, also known as Route 201.

The day before he was shot, Eaton went live on Facebook using the name Joey Eaton and mentioned a woman’s name in the video’s subtitle. In the video, she got emotional and revealed that she was se**xually abused. “I’ll probably just get excited talking about it,” he said. “But a lot of people, a lot of people look at you and think, I mean, it’s just something else, you know, I screwed everything up.

Another guy who can’t do his job right and treats people like crap. You know when they turn around and claim they’re Christians and “But you say you’re a Christian; how does that make sense? Why don’t you just try, to stay calm, and try to get to know the person again? What’s the point of hating someone? You know, “It’s destroying you. Things aren’t the way they should be done. That’s not the way we were created.”

I need to try to forgive myself for the things I’ve done. I’ve been dealing with trauma for a long time about things I don’t talk to people about. Being mocked or something. Destroy someone. I know I am good for my children. I wish someone could forgive me, you know, some people. I didn’t understand.” Eaton didn’t make it clear that what he did should be forgiven, but captioned it: “I’m scared to death what people will say about it. He opened up my story.

Thank you for never giving up on me, I love you.” On Sunday, April 16, Eaton wrote: “Life as a whole suffers. You work all the time, you get sick, the people you love die, and you’re guaranteed to have “bad days.” You die and lose everything you spent your life getting.

There is more to life than meets the eye. On April 14, four days before he was shot, he wrote: “It’s finally over. There are so many people I can’t wait to see. I’ll be back in Wichita soon. At a press conference, Maine State Police Lieutenant Randall Keaten told reporters that the police were in Bowdoin’s. He said he had “found four people dead inside the house.” Then, shortly after 10:30 a.m., state police received “reports that multiple vehicles had been gunned down”.

He said it was reported in the southbound lanes between the 17th-mile marker and exit 15. “A person involved has been detained and the incidents are linked.” The Maine State Police said in a press release emailed to Heavy that the agency “is currently 18 It said it was “investigating the multiple shootings that occurred in Bowdoin and Yarmouth on Tuesday morning, April 2023.”

Investigators are currently working on these scenes which will result in an indefinite closure of exit ramp 15 at Yarmouth on I-295 going south from Mile Marker 20 in Freeport.” They noted: “One person has been detained in connection with this matter. As a result of the investigation, the police concluded that there is currently no threat to the public.”

According to the Maine State Police news release, The four people who died in Bowdoin were referred to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Augusta for an autopsy to determine the manner and cause of death.”

They noted: “If anyone was involved in or witnessed the incident at any of these locations, please call the Augusta Regional Contact Center on 207.624.7076, option number 9.” The Bowdoin home, where four people were found dead from gunshot wounds, belongs to Robert Eger, along with his wife, Patti Eger, according to internet records. Police have not yet released the identities of the victims. Patti Eger had commented on Eaton’s Facebook page.

One person wrote in a comment thread on Facebook: “I knew Bob and Patti, you couldn’t have found a better couple. Tragic.” A neighbor of Egers told Total Coverage of Maine, “Your husband owns a concrete company and is laying the foundation.”

Robert Eger is listed in the Maine Supply Chain Database as a contact person for a company called ICF Specialist. “The ICF Specialist focuses primarily on building high-quality, energy-efficient, low-maintenance private homes, as well as small to large additions and remodeling projects in southern Maine,” says Page.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Eaton has “a violent criminal record dating back a decade” and has previously filed 15 criminal charges in Maine, including felony assault, felony assault, petty assault, and probation violations dating back to 2013.

“These crimes include felony offenses that prohibit individuals from owning a gun under state and federal law,” Outlet said. According to the Bangor Daily News, Eaton “was just coming out of his eight-month sentence in March 2022 following a conviction for assault in Knox County, north of Yarmouth and Bowdoin. Bowdoin is in Sagadahoc County and Cumberland County in Yarmouth, Maine.

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