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By | September 16, 2022

Julie Hoover Wiki – Julie Hoover Biography

This summer, a former Perry’s Point of Grace Christian School teacher, Julie Hoover, was arrested for the second time for acting inappropriately with a student; this time, she was supposed to be her because she twerked a student during prom.

According to police documents acquired by WCTV, Hoover was arrested on allegations that an authorized person solicited or engaged in se**xual behavior with a student and encouraged a minor to become a delinquent.

Julie Hoover Age

Julie Hoover is 39 years old.

Charges – Arrested

This was the second time she was facing charges for getting involved with children from her school, which led to her arrest. The case unfolded in a series of incidents that took place in a timeline from Hoover getting a boy drunk at prom to sharing explicit messages with another and instigating se**xual behavior.

After allegedly exchanging explicit text messages with an 18-year-old senior, Hoover, 39, was previously arrested in June and charged with one count of an authority figure soliciting or having s**ex with a student. Inquiries from a student who claimed Hoover pranked her and forced him to drink alcohol at her high school prom on April 8 led to the latest allegations. Investigators learned from the boy that he was so uncomfortable during twerking that other students repeatedly tried to move between the boy and the instructor to ask him to stop. At least two students who intervened confirmed the event, according to WCTV.

In addition, the underage student said that Hoover forced him to consume alcohol, even going so far as to put the straw of the alcohol glass in her mouth. Hoover was persistent in her efforts to engage in se**xual activity with her student despite having a husband.

It is not known if the boy with whom Hoover is said to have exchanged graphic communications is the same young man who made the twerking allegations. But the student’s mother found the se**xually explicit text messages between her son and Hoover during a time span she spanned between March and April on June 2, which is when police first became aware of the se**xting problem.

According to court records, the concerned mother told detectives that the former math teacher planned to take her son home while her husband was at work. Officials at Point of Grace Christian School confirmed that Hoover no longer works there as a teacher.

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