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By | May 8, 2023


Mauricio Garcia

Mauricio Garcia

Mauricio Garcia The gunman killed eight people before being shot by a police officer. The gunman who killed at least eight people and injured half a dozen more at a Dallas-area shopping mall was identified as Mauricio Garcia on Sunday. Police said the gunman was killed on Saturday following deadly violence by a police officer at the Allen Premium Outlets, about 25 miles north of Dallas.

One of the senior law enforcement officers said that Garcia was wearing a tactical vest and armed with some type of rifle and a pistol.

The source said he had more weapons and ammunition in his car. Miles reported that his family’s home in Dallas was searched overnight.

Age of Mauricio Garcia

Mauricio Garcia is 33 years old.

Event Details

Authorities responded to Allen Premium Outlet Saturday afternoon to investigate a shooting that killed eight victims and sent others to hospitals with a 5-year-old victim. Police said they heard gunshots shortly after 3:30 p.m. The police “endangered the suspect and neutralized the threat,” he said. 9 people lost their lives, including the attacker. While seven people died at the scene, two people died in the hospital where they were taken.

The Allen Fire Department transported nine victims, but others may have been transported by other agencies or taken to a hospital by friends or family members. Police said as of Sunday morning, three were injured in critical condition and four in stable condition.

A spokesperson for Medical City Healthcare said eight victims, aged between 5 and 61, were treated at their facility on Saturday. Multiple agencies intervened to secure the crime scene, including the Allen Police Department, the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI, and the ATF. He said he and Jill were praying for the victims’ families.

“We were outside the Converse store and we heard all this rumble,” said Elaine Penicaro, who shopped with her daughter. “We all stopped and after a second it was just ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop’ and sparks flew as if it were right in front of us.” Penicaro said that when they heard the gunshots, they dived into a store to hide. When the police responded to the shooting, shoppers were terrified and took refuge behind the shops.

“As we don’t know where the shooter is and we are experiencing chaos and panic, we have boxes to close the door,” Abu Akther said.

Akther was with her husband and 1-year-old son when she heard gunshots outside H&M.

He grabbed a woman who said she had been shot in the side and took her to the market.

That’s when he said, ‘I don’t know why they shot me. What’s going on?’ And I saw blood coming out of his stomach,” Akther recalled.

“I heard at least 30 shots on the fast track [sic],” one person recalled. The researchers toured the stores one at a time and eventually allowed the shoppers to come out with their hands up.

A man came out of hiding at H&M and met an unbelievable sight on the sidewalk.

“I put on my headphones and then I heard boom, boom, boom, loud gunshots,” he said. “Bodies are like under white sheets.” Hundreds of customers continued to watch as investigators flocked to the scene from across Chelsea Avenue, waiting for their loved ones to come and fetch them.

“We heard a noise that we thought was fireworks, and then we heard people running around,” Sandra McKinley recalled. McKinley and his 13-year-old son, Ryan, were gathered inside American Eagle.

“I guess most of us really hoped it wouldn’t happen, you know?” she loved it. The truth came out for hundreds on Saturday afternoon as people hugged as they gathered.

A rallying point has been set up on Chelsea Boulevard.

Anyone who witnessed or has video of the attack is requested to call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324). Officials said they are working on a plan for those who need to get their vehicles or other belongings back and that should be announced Sunday afternoon.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott made the following statement after the incident:

“Our hearts are with the people of Allen, Texas, during this indescribable tragedy,” said Governor Abbott. “I have been in contact with Mayor Fulk and DPS Director McCraw, as well as other state and local leaders, and have offered the State of Texas its full support to local authorities to ensure that all necessary assistance and resources are deployed. Including DPS officers, Texas Rangers, and investigative resources. Allen Premium Outlet also made a statement after the attack:

“We are horrified by today’s senseless tragedy, and we are angered by the violence that continues to ravage our country. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and others affected by this heinous act. We are grateful for the heroic actions of the police officer and the support of all first responders.”

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