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By | April 4, 2023


Shannon Bowe

Shannon Bowe tragically passed away over the weekend during a weight loss procedure that involved placing a band around the stomach to reduce food intake.

It was understood that he went to the Middle East country to have surgery. It’s unclear at which medical center he had the surgery or what complications led to his death.

Shannon Bowe is 28 years old.

Shannon Bowe dies during gastric band surgery in Turkey

The British young woman who lost her life while undergoing gastric band surgery in Turkey has emerged today. Shannon Bowe, 28, tragically passed away over the weekend during a weight loss procedure that involved placing a band around her stomach to reduce her food intake.

Miss Bowe’s fans said they were “devastated” by her death, and many shared their memories of her on social media in a moment of silence. Her heartbroken boyfriend Ross Stirling wrote in an emotional post: “Sleep well my angel, I love you forever.” One source said “everyone was totally devastated” upon learning of her passing, and Facebook was flooded with praise for the “beautiful angel” who was “the life and soul of every party”.

Shannon was one of the kindest people she knew and would do anything for anyone. He was the life and soul of a party. The source said, ‘Very sad.

“These operations are obviously risky, but it is very rare that you hear of it happening. Everyone has a hard time believing that he is no longer with us. He did not have any travel insurance and now his family will have to pay thousands of pounds to bring him home.

That’s the last thing you should worry about.

According to the NHS, gastric banding surgery involves the doctor placing a gastric banding on the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch.

When the patient eats, the small pouch fills up faster than normal, which makes the patient feel fuller with less food.

The procedure is said to help patients eat less, eat more slowly, and lose weight. According to the health authority, gastric banding surgery usually takes less than an hour, not including the time it takes to initiate anesthesia and wake the patient. The whole process should take about three to four hours.

Complication rates for weight loss surgery are low, with only 1 in 100 people experiencing problems after gastric band surgery, the NHS reports.

It is likely that only 1 in 1000 people will not survive the procedure.

Patients who are overweight, older, have had previous stomach surgery, or have other major health problems are at higher risk of complications.


A friend wrote: “Sad to see Shannon Bowe’s thoughts on all of his friends and family.”

Another said, “Silent, absolutely devastated. Life is cruel. You will be in our hearts forever, Shannon Bowe.

Another friend repeated: “How sad to learn of the passing of such a beautiful young soul.

“You always had the brightest spirit, when I saw you at the bar or at work, your smile was contagious and brightened even on the darkest days. Rest easy now Angel, you have earned your wings.

Another loved one said, “I don’t know how to accept what happened and words cannot describe how I feel.” This is so cruel. My heart aches for you and everyone who loves you. We had some of our best memories and you really made everyone laugh the way you are.

“You’ve been taken so unfairly, and I’m so sorry Shannon Bowe.”

Another added: “Rest in peace Shannon Bowe,” complete with two red love hearts. My heart is so sad, Shannon. You were one of the purest and kindest souls I have ever met! I am so grateful for the memories with you.

‘Rest in peace beautiful girl. I’ll miss you xo’, made another comment.

“We support the family of a British citizen who died in Turkey and is in contact with local authorities,” a spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office said.

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