Toni Collette And Dave Galafassi Split After Being Together For 20 Years

By | February 22, 2023

Toni Collette And Dave Galafassi Split After Being Together For 20 Years

Toni Collette, an Australian entertainer, recently announced that she has split from her partner of 20 years, Dave Galafassi. Collette, 50, took to Instagram on Dec. 7 to circulate a photo captioned “Harmony and Love,” along with a joint statement about their divorce.

“We declare our separation with beauty and gratitude; we are united in our decision and part with respect and care for each other; our children are extremely important to us, and we will succeed as a family, albeit in an alternative structure.

The couple also mentioned protection as they “walk smoothly through this process.” Toni Collette’s divorce declaration came shortly after Galafassi, 44, was spotted kissing an obscure lady on Sydney’s ocean side. According to the Day to Day Mail, the woman has been identified as Shannon Egan, a bone and joint specialist who lives on Sydney’s northern coast.

Toni Collette and the Completion’s drummer is Dave Galafassi. Dave Galafassi is a drummer in Toni Collette and the Completion, an indie musical crew from Port Macquarie, New South Ribs. He has had an interest in drumming since childhood and after acquiring the skills, he performed with a few Australian groups. In the mid-nineties, he started his melodic vocation. He played drums in Gelbison, a Sydney indie musical gang featuring three different individuals: Pete Farley, Edo and Nadav Kahn.

The band’s most memorable collection, 1704, was delivered by Virgin Records and EMI Music Gathering in 2003 to positive surveys and ranked No. 20 on the ARIA Heatseekers Collections Graph. They also had several prolific tunes including Metal Identifier, Landen and Lord Almighty.

Dave Galafassi met Toni in Sydney when he went to one of Gelbison’s shows. After that, the two met again at a party and started dating. In 2002, Toni Collette and Galafassi confirmed their engagement.

They married in 2003 at Collette’s home on the south coast of Broughton in Berry, Australia. The custom lasted for two days and adhered to Buddhist rules. Sage Florence Galafassi, Toni and Dave’s most memorable youngster, was born in 2008. Arlo Roberts Galafassi was born to them in 2011.

Dave Galafassi left Gelbison before their next collection was delivered, and he and his wife formed Toni Collette and The Completion in 2006. Pete Farley, a former member of his band, also joined the group.

The band held several prolific tunes in 2006 and 2007, including Look Into, Wonderful Abnormal Pictures, Issue With Sister, Delicate Snares and others, and toured extensively throughout Australia. In addition, Dave Galafassi played a club drummer in Megan Griffiths’ 2013 parody picture, Fortunate Them.

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