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By | April 9, 2023

William Whitworths Wiki – William Whitworths Biography

A 19-year-old boy from Academy School District 20 has been formally charged by the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office with planning a shooting attack at several schools. (ASD20). William Whitworth, also known as “Lilly Whitworth”, was formally charged with the following crimes on Thursday, April 6th. The preliminary hearing of the accused will be held on May 5 at 2:30. He has $75,000 in bonds.

Whitworth attended three ASD20 schools for two years, but only nine months: “Unfortunately, there’s not much we can say when it comes to criminal cases; they belong to the office of the district attorney’s office. However, according to Allison Cortez, ASD20’s chief communications officer, we can reassure our families that we are acting appropriately by spreading the knowledge that we are allowed to do so.

William Whitworths Incident Detail

And if that’s not the news we wanted to hear this morning, it’s additional proof that the right things are happening. Someone heard something, saw something, or said something that could save someone’s life. That’s why it was successful.

According to an affidavit, an attorney from the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a commotion on March 31 at the 13900 block of Double Tree Ranch Circle in the Independent Town of Elbert. According to arrest records, sister Lilly Whitworth, who called 911, has major anger issues and has made at least two threats to shoot down a school.

After the police officer arrived, he entered the property and found “so much garbage piled up all over the house that it was difficult to get inside”. The police officer also discovered “many containers filled with half-eaten food with mold in them and many empty alcohol containers around the house”.

The police officer was shown to Whitworth’s supposed bedroom, where he discovered two holes in the wall that looked like punch marks and the bedroom door hanging off its hinges. on the wall next to the bed and on the brown stained sheets.

Whitworth admitted to the police officer that he had been considering launching a school attack for “a month or two” and was “about a third of doing it”. Churches were also targeted, along with Timberview Middle School, according to the sworn statement.

When the police officer asked why that school, he replied, “No specific reason.” Understanding the school’s layout, making active preparations for the use of guns, and creating a manifesto was allegedly part of Whitworth’s so-called plan for the school massacre.

On an erasable board, “Office???” There was a drawing of the plan of the school that wrote. “Biography?” among others, “Baths” and “Math”. The manifesto states that the school’s first and second floors are similarly labeled.

Whitworth claimed to have written a four-page manifesto that contained “schizophrenic rants” and referred to mass murderers and serial killers. According to the arrest documents, lawmakers later, during a search, discovered the manifesto, which included a list of weapons and instructions to 3D print them, a list of the large numbers of people to be killed and casualties to injuries, and information on how to make the improvised explosive device. devices.

The manifesto also identified the locations of Timberview Middle School, Prairie Hills Elementary School, and Pine Creek High School. Later that evening, Whitworth was taken to Elbert County Jail after being detained on probable cause. Whitworth’s residence was subject to a search warrant and the following evidence was found there:

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