Who is Cheryl Thibodeaux? Wiki, Biography, Age, Looked for a Hitman, Charged, Arrested

Cheryl Thibodeaux
Cheryl Thibodeaux

Cheryl Thibodeaux Wiki – Cheryl Thibodeaux Biography

Cheryl Thibodeaux, a Texas woman and business owner, was arrested earlier this week after allegedly plotting to have a family member killed by a hitman.

Cheryl Thibodeaux is charged with criminal solicitation of capital murder after she provided funds to a police officer for the solicited murder, according to law enforcement in East Texas.

Cheryl Thibodeaux Age

Cheryl Thibodeaux is 42 years old.

Cheryl Thibodeaux Looked for a Hitman to Kill a Family Member

“It was clear to us that this was going to be a request to commit capital murder,” Rusk County Sheriff Johnwayne Valdez told local ABC / Telemundo affiliate KTRE. “We received information that this person was trying to find someone who could harm a family member. Before he could find someone who could, that’s when we jumped in there. She made an agreement to meet. ”

The name of the family member and her family relationship with the accused have not been disclosed. And the authorities are silent.

Police claim that they somehow obtained information that the defendant was looking for a professional killer to remove the unidentified relative in question on September 27. The sheriff’s office used an undercover officer to contact Thibodeaux and arrange payment for the possible hit. . She was arrested on Monday.

“At that point, we had enough probable cause and an arrest warrant,” Valdez added, “and we went ahead and arrested her at the scene.”

The sheriff anticipated that the state’s prosecution would be a “somewhat lengthy investigation” and said the entire investigation team in his office was working on the case as of Wednesday.

Valdez told KTRE reporter Bob Hallmark that those efforts would last at least the remainder of the day and that officers were “trying to gather more evidence and also to gather the evidence search warrants.”

Currently, the authorities are not clear about the defendant’s motive.

“We always try to find motives in everything,” the sheriff said. “Once that motive is established, then it is easier for us to go back and find the evidence that we are really looking for and be able to eliminate the other things that are not probative in nature.”

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Valdez emphasized, however, that with or without a motive, “warning signs” are likely to appear in the murder-for-hire case.

“There is nothing random about cases like this,” he said. “In cases like this, none of this started out as random.”

Authorities learned of Thibodeaux’s alleged plot after the successful owner of the construction company, whose business does not operate under her own name, began searching for information on how to get a hitman for her to do the job.

“This is how we found out about this situation,” the sheriff said, hinting that a complaint was filed with the police without explicitly saying so. “Before I could find someone who really did, we jumped in there and got to know each other.”

The bizarre nature of the case means that authorities have a long way to go.

“We still have witnesses we need to contact,” Valdez said in comments to Hallmark and KTRE. “Potential witnesses we must contact. Does anyone know a little more about this? ”

Thibodeaux was booked into the Rusk County Jail beginning Wednesday. His bail had been set at $ 100,000 by a justice of the peace. His name did not appear in a Law & Crime review of current jail inmate listings, suggesting that the defendant recently posted bail.

If he is convicted, Thibodeaux faces 99 years in state prison and/or a fine of up to $ 100.00.



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