Who is George McDonald Jr? Wiki, Biography, Age, Killed His Wife, Charged, Sent to Prison

George McDonald Jr
George McDonald Jr

George McDonald Jr Wiki – George McDonald Jr Biography

George McDonald Jr., then 24, admitted last summer to stabbing 19-year-old Lizzie Garrow to death with a kitchen knife.

Garrow was last seen alive at a Dunkin ‘Donuts in Canastota, New York, in the central part of the state, on September 23, 2020. Her body appeared four days later about 800 meters away. She had been dumped near an overpass leading to Main Street in Canastota on the New York State Freeway.

Authorities found the alleged murder weapon about 15 feet from Garrow’s body. Syracuse NBC affiliate WSTM-TV said Garrow had been stabbed 19 times.

Killed His Wife – Sent to Prison

On September 7, just days before his death, Garrow reported McDonald to police after a violent domestic encounter. Authorities arrested McDonald but released him from custody. As Law & Crime noted in August, the local prosecutor blamed McDonald’s release for recent and widely studied and criticized bail reform measures in New York.

Garrow discovered that she was pregnant while being treated at the hospital for the McDonald attack in early September.

Garrow obtained an order of protection against McDonald before he died, the Post-Standard reported.

“I have no sympathy for the defendant,” the newspaper quoted Madison County District Attorney Robert Mascari as saying about the sentence. “He proved to be an animal and an abuser.”

McDonald told the judge that “what he knew he did was wrong,” the Post-Standard said. The defendant, however, tried to blame the victim. He accused the police of planting evidence and, strangely, claimed that Garrow attacked him first by pointing a knife at him.

Mascari said Garrow’s body “had numerous defensive wounds,” the newspaper continued. McDonald “had none.” That is why Mascari characterized McDonald’s claims as nothing more than lies.

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McDonald’s father reportedly apologized to Garrow’s family in court and admitted his son’s guilt, but later said that he would support the defendant out of parental affection. McDonald’s sister and mother tried to defend the admitted killer by looking down on the victim. The newspaper called those comments “offensive” and cited Mascari’s account of the events.

McDonald pleaded not guilty in October 2020 to seven separate crimes: murder in the second degree, assault in the first degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, aggravated criminal contempt (for allegedly violating a protection order), two first degree counts. degree of criminal contempt (for allegedly violating a protection order and “having physical contact with Garrow”), and criminal obstruction of breathing (from a previous incident).

However, in August 2021, the defendant changed his guilty plea to second-degree murder. That change led to Thursday’s sentencing.

McDonald waived his right to an appeal as part of the guilty plea.

“Make no mistake,” the judge told the defendant as he ordered him to spend many years in prison. “It wasn’t the system that failed you. It wasn’t Lizzie, it wasn’t your parents. You failed yourself. You failed your family.”

[George McDonald, Jr. appears in a photo from the jail. Lizzie Garrow appears on a missing person poster distributed by the Madison County, New York Sheriff’s Office.]

A man from upstate New York will spend a minimum of 20 years and potentially the rest of his life in prison for killing his pregnant wife in September 2020, NBC affiliate WKTV reported Thursday.

The local prosecutor told Syracuse, N.Y. Post-Standard that the defendant did not go to jail without telling a series of “lies.”


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