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By | April 10, 2023

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Plans to pardon an Army sergeant convicted of murdering a Black Lives Matter protester were announced by the Texas governor on Saturday. According to the defense team of 33-year-old Daniel Perry, 28-year-old Garrett Foster was carrying an AK-47. Witnesses claimed that the victim, who is also an Air Force veteran, never lifted the barrel of the gun.

Jurors were informed by the prosecution that the defendant started the unfortunate argument with the demonstrators on July 25, 2020, by driving into the crowd without actually harming anyone. Greg Abbott claimed on Saturday that the jury and the prosecution were wrong. He said Texas has one of the strongest “Stand Up” laws in existence, and that law cannot be overturned by a judge or a reformed district attorney.

Daniel Perry Age

Daniel Perry is 33 years old.

Incident Detail

The Texas Constitution limits the Governor’s power of pardon to only acting on the recommendation of a Parole Board, unlike the President or several other states. Texas law DOES allow the Governor to ask the Parole Board to decide whether to pardon someone. I asked the Board to expedite its review, and I made this request.

When the board’s pardon request comes to my desk, I look forward to approving it. Additionally, the Texas Legislature is drafting laws to fulfill my top priority, which is to reign supreme over corrupt district attorneys. Perry was found guilty of murder by a jury on Friday, but not of aggravated assault on another protester with a dangerous weapon.

According to KVUE, Garrett Foster’s father, Stephen Foster, expressed his satisfaction with the decision. “We also feel sorry for his family. There’s no winner or loser in this. I’m just relieved, it’s over. I’m grateful to our dedicated career prosecutors and the counselors of the victims who prosecuted this case,” Travis County District Attorney José Garza said, according to KXAN.

They put a lot of effort into presenting the facts to the jury comprehensively and accurately. Our hearts continue to break for the foster family. After this decision, we wish the victim’s family happiness and an end. That evening, a group of demonstrators marched outside. Perry’s car made a U-turn on Congress Avenue near 4th Street, according to police.

According to the protesters’ testimony, the car allegedly came speeding toward him. The car was kicked and slapped. Five shots were fired by Perry, an Uber driver in the neighborhood. According to the prosecution, his gun had no bullet in the barrel and his safety was on. Perry called 911 and said, “I took a wrong turn,” according to KXAN. “I was stunned when a man pointed a strange gun at me. I was confused as to what to do.

I only drive for Uber. I took the wrong lane. I’ve never had to shoot anyone before. I left the area as soon as they started shooting at me. “I can tell you’re visibly devastated,” said Joshua Visi, a former Austin police officer who arrived at the scene. His voice was shaking and I could hear it. However, the prosecution claimed that the attack was planned. They presented evidence that Perry had aggressive feelings towards what he termed “rebels” and “looters.”

According to The Austin Chronicle, it was reported in June 2020 that he wrote, “I may have to kill a few people on my way to work.” They’re rioting in front of my apartment block. In another post, “I could go to Dallas to shoot the looters. According to one account, Michael Holcomb scolded Perry for using self-defense and killing demonstrators in one of his speeches.

“We had the same training… Before Foster’s death, Holcomb said, “It’s not a good shot to shoot after you’ve created a situation where you have to shoot. According to The Austin American-Statesman, the prosecution claimed that Perry was upset when he returned because he wanted to meet a woman who had contacted him and asked for money.

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