Who is Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi? Wiki, Biography, Age, Killed three parking valets, Charged

Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi
Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi

Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi Wiki – Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi Biography

Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi, a 17-year-old boy ran over and killed three valets while fleeing police, and one of his victims had previously suffered from leukemia, police said.

Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi faces three counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault in the fatal crash on Friday night that killed three young men and injured both the killer driver and his passenger.


He is 17 years old.

Killed three parking valets – Charged

The three valets who died were identified by authorities as 18-year-old Fnan Measho; Eric Orduna, 22; and Nick Rodríguez, 23, with Rodríguez, the leukemia survivor.

Authorities allege a patrol sergeant spotted Modawi making donuts in a white Infiniti G37 and leaving tire tracks on the pavement in a parking lot in the 6300 block of Fairdale Lane at 10:30 p.m.

Modawi himself was working as a valet for a nearby hookah parlor at the time of the incident.

The vehicle sped up before the officer could stop Modawi, according to police.

Modawi drove away, reportedly at 60 mph down a residential street to avoid the officer when he allegedly struck the three valets working for the nearby Prospect Park Sports Bar.

After knocking down the valets, the white Infiniti flipped and crashed, hit a pole and landed in a ditch.

Valets were returning from parking cars and going to look for more when the vehicle struck them, said Sean Teare, chief of motor vehicle crimes for the Harris County district attorney’s office.

Modawi and a passenger in the vehicle he was driving, identified as Mohammed Alkatip, broke their leg and were taken to a hospital. Police say Modawi remained hospitalized on Tuesday.

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Alkatip’s family shared a photo of the 16-year-old in a hospital bed after undergoing three surgeries in as many days.

Investigators determined that Modawi was not intoxicated at the time of the accident.

On Monday, relatives of the victims released dozens of white balloons in honor of the three assassinated valets.

Jasmin Astorga, Nick Rodríguez’s girlfriend, told ABC13 that the 23-year-old had recently taken the valet job to pay for college.

Rodriguez was majoring in music therapy at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, commuting to and from school every day so she could continue to live close to his family and his girlfriend in Houston.

Astorga said Rodríguez had survived childhood leukemia, only to die in a car accident.

The families of the other two victims, Measho and Orduna, met for the first time on Monday to mourn and demand justice.

‘We want justice for them, for all three. The three. This shouldn’t have happened, ‘said Junior Orduña, Eric’s brother.

Eric’s mother Rose recalled in an interview with KHOU11 that when her son took valet work for the first time about eight months ago, she warned him to be careful because the street where the sports bar is located is narrow and busy.

The 22-year-old dreamed of making enough money by buying a car for himself and a house for his parents, the Houston Chronicle reported. A GoFundMe has been launched to help Orduña’s family pay for his funeral expenses.

According to an online fundraiser’s description, Fnan Measho, who was a close friend of Rodriguez, was the breadwinner for his three little brothers and his sick parents and was active in his Eritrean church.

Measho graduated from Bellaire High School in the spring and was attending the University of Houston Downtown, where he was studying criminology.

“Fnan wanted to be a policeman and he always wanted to help the people and the city that he loved so much,” the website read. “Fnan is known for being responsible, friendly and extremely kind.”

Meanwhile, Modawi’s neighbors described the 17-year-old KPRC valet as mischievous and reported having problems with him and his two brothers over the past year.

A neighbor said she called the police in Modawi last week after a verbal dispute.


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