Who is Alex Binyam Abraha? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Alex Binyam Abraha
Alex Binyam Abraha

Alex Binyam Abraha Wiki – Alex Binyam Abraha Biography

Alex Binyam Abraha, An intruder was mutilated to death by a pair of dogs after breaking into a Georgia home last week, according to local authorities.

The owner, who was not identified, discovered the body of Alex Binyam Abraha on his front porch around 10:30 a.m. on September 24.

Alex Binyam Abraha Age

Alex Binyam Abraha was 21 years old.

Cause of Death

Authorities said Abraha successfully entered the two-bedroom home in rural Newnan the night before and was immediately greeted by two pit bulls inside the home.

The sheriff’s department initially called homicide investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation thinking that Abraha’s death was murder.

However, the medical examiner eventually determined that he died from injuries sustained during the dog attack.

Fox News reports that the owner told authorities that he did not know Abraha or how he got in, adding that the man had no reason to be inside the home.

Both dogs were seized as part of the county Department of Corrections investigation. As of Friday afternoon, it was not immediately clear what will happen to them.

The photos of both dogs were tweeted by Doug Evans, a reporter for WAGA-TV, a local Fox affiliate.

Abraha, who grew up in Worthington, Minnesota, had several active warrants in Fulton County at the time of his death, Fox News reports.

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Meanwhile, the owner will not face charges related to Abraha’s death, according to Fox News.

A GoFundMe was started for Abraha after his death and has raised nearly $ 1,000 with a goal of $ 25,000.

“As horrible as it is to deal with death, his family has to deal with confusing and unclear details from the police, with no concrete evidence or story,” wrote organizer Sara Abraha.

Abraha’s family claimed they were notified “days” after his death, adding that they have received conflicting and confusing information from investigators.

“ An investigator of the case told the family that they would be working on the autopsy, however, an article was published stating that the autopsy was already completed and concluded, ” says the GoFundMe page.

“As the family seeks a sense of closure, we want to come together and support them financially with funeral expenses and planning for their final resting place.”


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