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Alex Gibson
Alex Gibson

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Alex Gibson jumped into the Irish Sea in the early hours of Friday morning after noticing someone struggling in the water.

Alex Gibson, a young man from Blackpool has died after jumping into the Irish Sea to save the life of a stranger.

Alex Gibson Age

He was 22 years old.

Cause of Death – Tributes

Alex entered the sea near the North Pier around 4:20 a.m. M. To help the man who struggled and, in turn, got himself with difficulty.

Emergency services rushed to help Alex with HM Coastguard Fleetwood, HM Coastguard Lytham, RNLI Fleetwood, RNLI Blackpool, and a Coastguard rescue helicopter, all searching for the young man.

Alex was taken to Victoria Hospital in Blackpool but lost his life.

Alex worked at C Fresh Fish and Chips on Lytham Road before passing away, and the store closed on Friday after hearing the terrible news.

In a tribute, the company posted: “Alex was truly an amazing young man.

“All of his friends would agree that he was smart, hard-working, personable, loving, and literally wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“He is a true hero, drowned sacrificing his life to help another.

“All of his co-workers loved him and we missed him terribly.

“Tragically taken at 22. My heart goes out to his entire family.”

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Since then, Blackpool bar boss Hamish Howitt has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for Alex’s family and help pay for the funeral costs.

Hamish wrote: “The beautiful 22-year-old Alex Gibson, a true hero sacrificed her life last night for her in Blackpool, rescuing a child from the sea.

“A beautiful, loving, caring son, brother, and friend to all who knew him.

“Please help him with a donation for a beautiful send-off from a true hero.

“Our family will donate the first £ 500. God bless you all.”

As of Sunday morning, more than £ 3,400 had been raised in two days.

A public memorial service will now be held on Saturday (August 7) ​​at North Pier to remember Alex, starting at 7 pm.

Organizer Siobhan Rosie said: “This is a tribute to Alex Gibson, the kindest and bravest soul that ever lived.

“He was loved and will continue to be loved by all. He gave flowers, balloons and fisherman’s hats.

“Let’s show Alex our love and how proud we are to save a life.”


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