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Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek Wiki, Biography

Trebek has been the foundation of the sports show, hosting more than 12 other shows and specials over his 60 years of work. He returned to host the 37th “Accident” season earlier this year, despite the start of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Trebek was born on July 22, 1940, in Sudbury, Canada, a large city in northern Ontario. Her mother, Lucille Trebek, was a French-Canadian woman with some First Nations ancestors, and her father, George Trebek, was a Ukrainian immigrant who worked as a cook at a local hotel. “My dad was a heavy drinker, and he never missed a work day in his life,” Trebek recalls. Trebek describes his father as a hoarder of knickknacks who had a useful way of expressing himself years ago. “His basic philosophy was not to give up something because one day it will come out well,” he said of his father.

A bright and curious child from an early age, Trebek attended Jesuit schools until he was 12 years old, when he decided to leave Sudbury to study at the University of Ottawa High School in the Canadian capital. “Sudbury is a very distant memory,” he admits now, “because I was born where I grew up, but I left and went to boarding school.”

After graduating from high school in 1957, Trebek went to the University of Ottawa to study philosophy. Upon graduating in 1961, Trebek decided to abandon his philosophy and pursue a career in journalism. She got her first job as a fill journalist and news broadcaster for the Canada Broadcasting Corporation, CBC TV. Although he soon gained fame for his cool on-screen appearance, in 1966 he decided to turn his attention to journalism into a lucrative sporting industry. He became the presenter of the Canadian Reach for the Top questionnaire, which pitted high school students into academic competitions. In 1970, Trebek graduated from Canada with a high-profile national television drama.


Trebek was 80 years old.


In 1990, Trebek married Jean Currivan, whom he married to death. According to the 1990 People Feature about their wedding, Trebek and Currivan met at a party in 1988. Currivan told People that he made her “really scared” at first, but he soon realized that Trebek was “very low in the world” and “much more comfortable than he was in the program.” ”

The two have been open about their divorce for 24 years – Trebek was 50 and Currivan was 26 when they got married.

“At first it bothered me,” Trebek admitted at the time. “But then I thought,” Hell too. We will make it work. ’”

“I understand why he was so careful about having a young woman,” Currivan said. “So I did not try to push him away. We just took it one day at a time. ”

The couple also found out that three weeks after their wedding they were expecting a baby. Trebek told People they wanted to have children, but “they didn’t think it would happen so quickly.”

Alex and Jean adopted their son Matthew in the late 1990’s, who became the store manager in New York. Matthew’s younger sister, Emily, joined the family in 1993. She works in houses.

Prior to her marriage to Currivan, Trebek had married Elaine Callei from 1974-1981. At the time, Trebek welcomed Callei’s daughter Nicky, who had been married for six years. He remained close to her even after the divorce.


From 1966 until his “Jeopardy” in 1984, Trebek hosted several Canadian and US games: “Reach the Top,” “Jackpot,” “The Wizard of Odds,” “High Rollers,” “The $ 128,000 Question, ”and“ Pitfall. ”

In 1984, Merv Griffin and ABC approached Trebek to host “Jeopardy” and that’s what he did until his death. For nearly 40 years as a “Jeopardy” host, he was nominated for the Outstanding Game Show Host Daytime Emmy Award 28 times, winning the award six times (1989, 1990, 2003, 2006, 2008, and 2019). He also received three nominations for the award during his tenure of “Classic Concentration” from 1988 to 1991.

In an interview with Vulture in 2018, Trebek said the key to hosting a game plan is to remember that you are not the star of the show.

“You have to put aside your self-esteem. The stars of the show are the ones competing with the game itself. That is why I have always insisted on being included as a manager and not a manager. And if you want to be a good manager, you have to find a way to bring in participants – as in the old television commercials about soldiers – ‘be what you can be.’ Because if they do well, the show does well. And if this game does well, together I do well, ”said Trebek.

As for who will be in charge after the end of his term in the game, he said that when people asked who should replace him, he would always say, “The decision will come out of my hands… is a good show. It should, and will continue, when I’m done. ”

Health Problems

In March 2019, Trebek announced in a YouTube video that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. But he vowed to fight cancer and continue to play “Jeopardy” as long as possible – until he broke the joke about not giving up because he was given a contract to host the game until 2022.

A year later, he gave an update on his prediction. “I would be lying,” he said, “if I said that the journey was not easy lula there would be times of great pain, days when certain physical activity was no longer working, and sudden sudden severe depression made me wonder if I really had to deal with it. But I immediately ignored that because that would have been a great dishonesty. ”

He said it would expose his wife, his faith in God, the millions of prayers his followers said in his name, and the other cancer patients who looked to him for inspiration.

“My oncologist tried to make me happy one day,” Trebek said. “He said, ‘You know Alex, even though the two-year survival rate is only 7%, he was confident that one year from now, we would both be sitting in his office, celebrating my second survival day.’ And you know something? If I – no, if – because most of us are involved in the same situation – if we only take one day at a time, we have a positive attitude, whatever is possible. I will keep you posted. ”

In addition to cancer, Trebek suffered a heart attack twice a year ago – the first in December 2007 and the second in June 2012. In both cases, he returned to work about a month later.

In October 2017, Trebek collapsed later which required surgery to remove blood clots – known as subdural hematoma – from his brain.

“The surgery was performed. After two days in the hospital, I arrived home to begin my recovery. The forecast is excellent and I look forward to returning to the studio to record more ‘Jeopardy’ programs very soon, soon. I want to thank you all for your concern, ”he said in a video posted on the YouTube site“ Dangerous ”.


After a long fight with pancreatic malignant growth, Trebek died “calmly” at his home on November 8, 2020, encompassed by his loved ones.

Net Worth

Alex Trebek had a total assets of $75 million at the time of his death.

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