Who is Alonzo Dargan Jr? Wiki, Biography, Age, Killed Akeila Ware, Charged, Arrested

Alonzo Dargan Jr
Alonzo Dargan Jr

Alonzo Dargan Jr  Wiki – Alonzo Dargan Jr  Biography

A Fort Bragg soldier, Alonzo Dargan Jr, was arrested in Cumberland County, North Carolina, on October 7, in connection with the murder of 29-year-old Akeila Ware and her unborn child.

Dargan allegedly opened fire on Akeila’s car along Highway 18 in Troup County, Georgia on October 5. The shots caused his car to crash into a tree, according to the cited reports. Akeila, a LaGrange resident, was a nurse and mother of five children.

Killed Akeila Ware – Charged

Cumberland County officials reported the arrest of Alonzo Dargan Jr in connection with the incident at a news conference on Friday, October 8. Dargan allegedly followed Akeila Ware in a separate car, then shot her multiple times through the door, causing her car to spin out of control and eventually, crash, officials said.

Dargan, who is married, was romantically involved with Akeila for an undisclosed time. In a similar incident, 21-year-old Felicia Jones was found dead in a Jacksonville park and is believed to have been murdered in late September. In August, the body of a pregnant teenager, Yarianna Wheeler, was recovered from Lake Michigan in Illinois.

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Alonzo Dargan Jr and Akeila Ware are both from LaGrange, Georgia, and they went to school together, Troup County Sheriff’s Department officials said at the news conference.

Sheriff James Woodruff said: “I went to the scene and could not believe that someone had shot and killed a young mother of five children.  On top of that, killed her and she had a baby inside of her that resulted in the death of the baby.” Ware was reportedly 33 weeks pregnant at the time she was killed.


Investigators linked a Nissan believed to be involved in the incident and returned to Fort Bragg after the shooting, authorities said. Dargan was arrested Thursday afternoon and was in the custody of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department on Friday, Oct. 8, while awaiting extradition to Georgia, authorities said.

Alonzo Dargan Jr, whose rank in the US military was unknown at the time, used a handgun in the shooting. However, authorities said it was unclear whether the alleged murder weapon was a firearm issued by the military. He was charged with murder and feticide for the death of the fetus, as well as possession of weapons.


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