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Angelo Quinto
Angelo Quinto

Angelo Quinto Wiki – Angelo Quinto Biography

Angelo Quinto was a Navy veteran who died after an encounter with police in Antioch, California, his family says because an officer put a knee on the back of his neck for nearly five minutes.

He dreamed of having a career in the US Navy and he worked long and hard to achieve that dream. In training, he took on a valuable leadership role and demonstrated his bravery, as well as all the wonderful things he was capable of. Although he was honorably discharged for medical reasons, he tried to stay positive and assured everyone that the Navy was not a closed chapter in his life.

In the months that followed, and as a growing pandemic swept across the world, he decided that his next step was to explore another big dream of his. He worked tirelessly until his passing to start a career in online gaming. A true testament to his ambition, faith, and strength, he was driven to achieve his goal and value the journey toward that achievement, as well as hopefully even venturing into the world of video game design.

Angelo Quinto Age

Angelo Quinto was 30 years old.

Angelo Quinto Family

Your creativity, humor, and drive will be missed by your family and friends. He leaves behind her mother, Cassandra, her stepfather, Robert, his two younger brothers, Andrei and Isabella, and his close cousin, Miguel.

In addition, he is survived by other close family members and friends, who will remember his great ambition, his abundance of great ideas and many talents, and his constant struggle for happiness and success. The animals in his life, Clethorp, Toto and Oliver, will never forget the love, care, and generosity she shared with them. He liked to fish, draw, create, strategize, cook, and spend time with his loved ones.

Cause of Death

An online obituary says that Quinto “passed away on Saturday, December 26 at the age of 30. He is reunited with his cousin, his uncle and some of his dear friends in heaven. Angelo was born in the Philippines but moved to the United States (USA) in high school. He graduated from Berkeley High School in 2008 and proceeded to attend Berkeley City College. He spent a year living in Houston, Texas, before returning to the Bay Area. ”

You can watch the video below, but keep in mind that it is very disturbing. The Law Office of John Burris released the video with this caption: “Angelo Quinto was physically immobilized and suffocated by Antioch police on December 23, 2020. He then died in hospital.”

Police have denied using force against Quinto and the cause of death has yet to be determined. In the video, which shows only the aftermath of the encounter and does not include the knee part, a police officer is seen asking Quinto if he is taking medication while he lies unconscious on the ground. The officers put their hands behind his back.

“What happened?” says a woman. The video lasts four minutes. “I came from work. When I got home, I was sleeping,” she says.

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Officers roll Quinto onto his back on a stretcher while Quinto remains motionless. “Do you have a pulse? What’s going on? “Says the woman.” Didn’t you see him drink anything? No illegal drugs? asks an officer. The woman says that she has no idea because she just got home from work. The video then includes a reenactment.

A man in that part of the video says that an officer put a knee on the back of Quinto’s neck. He was handcuffed and had one knee, the man says. The man says the position was held for 4.5 to 5 minutes. Then the paramedics arrived.


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