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Anthony Lorenzi
Anthony Lorenzi

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Anthony Lorenzi, a man who was arrested in San Diego earlier this month on charges of gunning down a father of two during a Puerto Rican Pride celebration in Humboldt Park, has been extradited to Chicago.

Anthony Lorenzi was arrested in San Diego on July 9, charged with one count of first-degree murder in the murder of Gyovanny Arzuaga, 24, on June 19 on Division Street near Spaulding Avenue during a meeting of the Puerto Rican People. Celebration of the parade in Humboldt Park.

Anthony Lorenzi Age

Anthony Lorenzi is 34 years old.


Arzuaga and his girlfriend, Yasmin Pérez, 25, were victims of a horrific shooting described as execution-style, and all stemming from a minor traffic accident.

In a now-viral video, a group surrounds their car, pulls them out, and begins beating them after a minor accident.

Police said Lorenzi shot and killed Arzuaga point-blank. Pérez was also killed, but police have since said that Arzuaga appears to have accidentally shot her, citing evidence linking the bullet that hit her neck to a weapon recovered from the scene, which was originally inside the vehicle they were in.

A day after Lorenzi’s arrest, CPD Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said Arzuaga “ probably accidentally discharged his gun ” in the frenzy as they were beaten and pulled from the car, moments before he was shot. . However, Deenihan noted that he has not been officially determined. Police do not believe the other two people in the vehicle at the time that shot was fired.

Through videos, tips, and technology, police were able to locate Lorenzi, who they said fled Chicago to San Diego the day after the shooting.

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Charges – Arrested

Chicago police called it a team effort with the US Marshals Service Lorenzi was arrested Friday night in a parking lot outside a San Diego apartment.

Police said his arrest may not be the last and that they are looking for the other people seen in that graphic surveillance video.

“That collaboration is also the message to criminals: We will do everything we can to bring them to justice for these victims and their families,” said the Chicago Police Superintendent. David Brown said.

As for the motive, police said they have no evidence that the attack was a race-based hate crime. When asked about the possibility of a gang connection, the police did not actually respond, saying that they had not had a chance to interview Lorenzi and that they had no confirmed motive at this time.

Police said Lorenzi has a criminal record that includes 26 adult arrests and seven felony convictions, including robbery and aggravated flight.


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