Who is Arianna Aleja Colon? Wiki, Biography, Age, Hit-and-run, Charged, Arrested

Arianna Aleja Colon
Arianna Aleja Colon

Arianna Aleja Colon Wiki – Arianna Aleja Colon Biography

Arianna Aleja Colon, police arrested a woman in connection with the run-over murder of a ten-year-old Florida girl in late September.

Yaceny Berenice Rodríguez-González died after being run over while crossing a street to board a school bus at 6:35 a.m., police said in Fort Pierce, Florida. Authorities said shortly after the incident that the bus’s “stop lever” and flashing lights were activated – thus implying that the person who struck Rodríguez-González ignored the signals.

“The driver was traveling north, hit the boy, and fled the scene,” the local police department said on Facebook on September 23. “Yaceny Rodríguez-González was transported to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, where she later succumbed to her injuries. . ”

Arianna Aleja Colon Age

Arianna Aleja Colon is 22 years old.

Charged – Arrested

On Friday, Fort Pierce Police Major Carlos Rodriguez announced that his department obtained an arrest warrant for Arianna Aleja Colon, 22, of Okeechobee. The defendant turned himself into the St. Lucie County Jail at 3:00 p.m. Friday, Rodriguez said.

According to local jail and police department records, Colón is charged with vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident that involved the death of a human.

Colón appeared in court Friday in a hearing covered by West Palm Beach, Florida, CBS affiliate WPEC-TV.

“I have one,” Colón replied when the judge asked him if she had a lawyer. He then indicated that her attorney was not present at the hearing despite the fact that he claimed that he asked the attorney to appear with her.

A judge set Colón’s bail at a total of $ 210,000. The amount is split: $ 10,000 is connected to the negligent vehicular manslaughter charge and $ 200,000 is for leaving the scene.

The court file in the Colón case is not available on a public website at the time of writing.

At the police press conference, Rodriguez thanked a collection of neighboring law enforcement agencies and government entities, including the St. Lucie School District, for helping with the case. He also thanked “the community, local businesses, and the media for their many contributions and advice that assisted with the investigation.”

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The alleged depravity of the driver, accused of beating the girl and failing to stop to see if she was okay, did not go unnoticed by law enforcement officers or the public.

“It goes without saying that this works very well for us, it touches us very close to all of us,” said Rodríguez. “There has been a lot of support from the entire community. Everyone in the police department has done a tremendous job. ”

“It has been a great effort,” Rodriguez said, recognizing the lead traffic homicide investigator, Shayne Stokes, for serving as the lead agent in the case.

“It is the responsibility of all drivers on our roads to drive safely,” implored Rodríguez. “Slow down. We all need to be safe for our babies.”

The victim’s favorite color was pink, WPEC-TV reported from a vigil held in honor of the girl’s memory. “She liked to sing and cook, and she dreamed of becoming a teacher,” added the television station.

As Law & Crime previously reported, Rodríguez-González’s victim’s mother and her younger brother were present when she was beaten. Authorities identified the vehicle involved in the collision from the early morning of September 23 at 4:00 that same afternoon. The alleged driver was not immediately identified at the time.


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