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Avery Anderson
Avery Anderson

Avery Anderson Wiki – Avery Anderson Biography

Avery Anderson, an American woman warns others of a possible rare COVID side effect after the virus interacted with her acne medication and eventually turned her black lips.

Avery Anderson, a makeup artist from Lincoln, Nebraska, takes isotretinoin, a strong prescription acne medication that, under normal circumstances, leaves her lips dry and chapped.

Avery Anderson Age

Avery Anderson’s age is unclear.

Delta variant of COVID – Viral Video

But when she recently contracted the Delta variant of COVID-19, the combination of viral infection and isotretinoin severely worsened the condition of her lips, turning them yellow and crusty before finally leaving her with a sore black mouth so painful that she was prescribed morphine at the hospital.


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Avery went viral earlier this week when she shared a video on TikTok of herself arriving at the emergency room.

For the 3.4 million viewers of the video, it was immediately clear what she was there for: her lips were a terrifying shade of black, covered in large yellowish scabs.

She was shown in a hospital bed, where doctors administered morphine, but even sticking his tongue out of her was painful.

As the concerned comments came from her, Avery explained the unexpected chain of events that led to her lips being in such a horrible condition.

‘No, I didn’t kiss a barbecue grill!’ she said.

Avery takes isotretinoin, a powerful derivative of vitamin A used to treat severe acne. She is sold under various brand names, although the best known, Accutane, is no longer available in the US.


Usually, the drug is used only when all other remedies have failed, because it can have unpleasant side effects, including dry nose, sun sensitivity, thinning hair, digestive problems, and even mood swings.

It is also known to dry out the lips, something Avery is used to.

“Close all your oil glands and it will dry you out,” he said.

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But the condition of his lips has worsened considerably in the last two weeks since he contracted COVID.

“I got sick with COVID, the second COVID [delta variant], strep, I had a sinus infection, an ear infection, literally everything works. It was terrible, I was dying for a while, ” he said.

“ And then I noticed that my lips were starting to get bad. ”

Avery shared a photo of what his lips looked like when he first visited a doctor. They were dry, cracked, and covered in yellowish scabs.

The first doctor she saw diagnosed her with impetigo, a contagious bacterial infection that causes red sores on her face.

But that was not right, and the medication she was prescribed only made his lips worse, turning them black and increasing scabbing.

He went to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with mucormycosis, a rare yeast infection that can cause black lesions in the nose and mouth, among other serious symptoms.

He requires antifungal medications and patients may need surgery to cut out the infected tissue.

“ It happened because I had those cracks on my lips and it is COVID that manifested in my mouth due to my chapped lips, ” he said.

“So be careful, because this is disgusting,” he added.


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