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Bethany Nesbitt
Bethany Nesbitt

Bethany Nesbitt Wiki, Biography

Grace College & Seminary is an evangelical college located 130 miles north of Indianapolis. According to Grace College, Nesbitt was a native of Grand Ledge, Michigan, a town about 150 miles north of the college. A press conference said that Nesbitt was a third-year psychologist in school, and the youngest of nine children.

Her goal was to become a pediatrician and to work with children with disabilities and illnesses, a media report said. Nesbitt is described by Dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences Drs. Kevin Roberts “as a very bright and quick-witted young woman who showed a laser focus on her aspirations for the work of traumatized children.”

Her resident director Alicia Meyer remembered Nesbitt as “wonderfully good” and “incredibly thoughtful.” Meyer added, “He was known for shouting all over the hall and making fun of others.”


She was 20 years old.


Nesbitt was due to graduate in May 2021. According to Nesbitt’s Facebook page, she started studying at Grace College in 2018, and had graduated from Grade Ledge High School.

One of Nesbitt’s brothers celebrates sports writer Stephen Nesbitt, who works at The Athletic. In April 2013, while studying at the University of Michigan, Stephen Nesbitt wrote about his family history. According to Stephen Nesbitt, his parents moved to northern France in 1984 and became Christian missionaries. The family remained in France until 1998, when they returned to Michigan.

Stephen Nesbitt wrote in his book, “Bethany was born in 2000. That year, the Nesbitts, a family of 11, survived with $ 10,000, faith, and many prayers.” A different profile to Nesbitt’s father states that he and his wife live in Michigan. Nesbitt’s mother is a registered nurse and breastfeeding specialist, and her father is a Spanish, French and English teacher who grows her own poultry and raises chickens.

The Grace College

The Grace College family gathered on Friday afternoon to pray for Bethany Nesbitt’s family and friends following the news of her passing. President of Grace College Dr. Bill Katip led the center in prayer outside the Manahan Orthopedic Capital Center.

Bethany, 20, was a third-year psychologist at Grace College from Grand Ledge, Michigan. The youngest of nine children, his dream was to become a child health specialist working with sick and disabled children in a hospital.

His academic advisor and Dean of the School of Scientific Behavior Drs. Kevin Roberts described Bethany as “an extremely bright and fast-paced young woman with a laser-focused focus on her work ethic. Bethany was on its way to graduation this May.

Bethany Resident Director Alicia Meyer relates, “Bethany was wonderful and wonderful. Demonstrated purpose when asking questions and interacting with others. He was famous for shouting across the hall with friends and making fun of others. ”

Bethany will be remembered as a thoughtful, kind young woman who loved the Lord and others. His compassion and determination defined him on campus and will never be forgotten.

The leadership of Grace College has been in close contact with Bethany’s parents since they heard about her passing. “We share trust in the Lord and depend on His grace and mercy,” said Drs. Bill Katip, president of Grace College. “We will continue to support the Nesbitt family in any way as they process the tragic news and mourn the loss of their daughter.”

Grace College continues to provide counseling and support to those who love and care for Bethany. While we wait for answers about the cause of his death, there is no reason to blame him for the foul play or self-harm. As we mourn Bethany’s passing, we find comfort in knowing that she is now with the Lord.

Cause of Death

Bethany Nesbitt is a third-year Grace College student who was found dead in her living room campus on Winona Lake, Indiana, on Friday, October 30. According to Nesbitt’s textbook, written by her father, her cause of death was COVID-19.

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