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Brandi Love
Brandi Love

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Tracey Lynn Livermore has known professionally as Brandi Love is an American po**rn actress.

Tracey Lynn Livermore was born on March 29, 1973, in Dearborn, Michigan, and is of English and Polish descent. She grew up in Plymouth, Michigan, and attended Central Michigan University. She is the granddaughter of stockbroker Jesse Lauriston Livermore. She was raised as a Presbyterian. She is married to Chris Potoski and they live in Wake Forest, North Carolina with her daughter.

Brandi Love Age

Brandi Love is 48 years old.


Love describes himself as a conservative and a Republican who supported Donald Trump and “voted for Bill Clinton in his day.” He has written articles for The Federalist, a conservative online magazine.

In July 2021, Love was excluded from a conference in Florida by the conservative student organization Turning Point USA, from which she had purchased an adult VIP ticket. Conservatives and others denounced her presence at a conference that would also be attended by minors.

Many More Facts You Need to Know

A por**n star who was kicked out of a conservative event primarily for high school students has said she is a victim of the ‘cancellation culture’ when she criticized organizers promoting themselves as libertarians as ‘hypocrites’.

Brandi Love, 48, attended the Student Action Summit, hosted by Turning Point USA, in Tampa, Florida, with her husband on July 17, having paid about $ 500 for a VIP ticket.

But she was suddenly expelled after backlash from her parents and her Christian organizers.

“ It was extremely painful and disappointing for five minutes, and then I got pissed off, ” she told The Daily Beast.

“It is an egregious example of canceling culture.”

The pro-Trump organization was founded by Charlie Kirk in 2012 when he was 18 years old. He has served as the CEO of TPUSA ever since.

I had literally just sat through four or five speakers, including Charlie Kirk himself, protesting against big technology and the left for their assault on free speech. I cheered them on accordingly, ” Love said.

And then they banned me. It’s hard to make that up. ‘

On Sunday, Love told The Sun it was “hard to imagine anything more hypocritical.”

Love is capitalizing on attention by selling T-shirts making fun of one of the conference founders.

She is selling t-shirts with the tagline “I Activated Charlie Kirk” on her Only Fans website.

Love initially came to the Tampa Convention Center as an enthusiastic attendee, posting numerous photos of herself on Twitter with the caption: ‘It’s good to be around so many young conservatives. It gives me some hope!

But Christian conservatives immediately began to criticize her attendance on social media, criticizing the organization’s decision to allow an adult film star to attend an event aimed at 15- and 16-year-olds.

Many complained that Love’s presence clashed with conservative values, while others noted that minors attended.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens was among those who condemned her presence at the event.

Love said Owens’ comments saddened her.

“I used to believe that people like Candace Owens were fabulous,” she told The Daily Beast.

Unfortunately, she was wrong.

“This weekend he taught me a lot about people and politics. Democrats have to deal with fanatics like Antifa, BLM, and the squad. Republicans have their own to deal with, too, like this ultrareligious faction and white nationalists.

“You cannot rule a country as wonderfully diverse as the United States of America from the extremes of both sides. It will always lead to the same dark place: authoritarianism. ‘

Within hours, Love received an email from the organizers that she was no longer invited to be a part of the event.

“We regret to inform you that her invitation from SAS 2021 has been revoked,” read an email from the organization, according to an image Love posted on Twitter.

‘This decision is final. This revocation does not affect the application to future events, and we hope that you will consider reapplying for it in the future. ‘

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Love tweeted that he had just seen Kirk, Dan Bongino, Florida Sen. Rick Scott, and Kat Timpf talk about freedom, censorship, how inclusive the’ movement ‘is’ only to be ‘thrown out.

She kept adding, “The Republican Party is broken.”

Love told The Scott Sands Show on iHeart radio that she had been ‘excited’ to visit her.

She said she was ‘very naive in believing that she could go and have fun with like-minded patriots’.

I am an ad**ult businesswoman who chose my profession.

‘I love my job. I am authentic And there are many of us. ‘

She condemned “the faction that claims to be morally perfect”, adding: “We should all be afraid of them.”

Love said her expulsion was the decision of “a very small fraction.”

In a statement to Newsweek, TPUSA spokesman Andrew Kolvet referred to Love’s attendance saying: ‘As a matter of policy, TPUSA does not allow adult artists, influencers or brands to participate in its events designed for minors.’

“This was not a decision intended to be cruel to anyone, but in the interest of the attending students and their thousands of concerned parents,” Kolvet added.

This is not the first time that TPUSA has faced criticism.

Last December, TPUSA was condemned by conservatives when the event’s sponsor, Bang Energy, had its ‘Bang Girls’ throw free cash into the crowd of college and high school students.

“Folks, we’re trying to get that [money cannon] thing going,” Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc said before cash was distributed at the conference focused on fighting socialism.


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