Who is Bree Kristen Kuhn? Wiki, Biography, Age, Navy Chief, Shot Her Husband, Charges, Arrested

Bree Kristen Kuhn
Bree Kristen Kuhn

Bree Kristen Kuhn Wiki – Bree Kristen Kuhn Biography

Bree Kristen Kuhn, a chief of the U.S. Navy in Florida locked her husband in her garage and fatally shot him while on the phone with a 911 operator, law enforcement authorities said Thursday. The couple’s three children were in the home when the shooting occurred.

During a news conference Thursday afternoon, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson announced that officers arrested Bree Kristen Kuhn, a 34-year-old Gulf Breeze resident, a Naval Chief Petty Officer, Wednesday. , and charged with first-degree murder for her death. Husband of 34 years, Collin James Turner.

Bree Kristen Kuhn Age

Bree Kristen is 34 years old.

Shot Her Husband – Charged

According to Johnson, Turner was able to describe what was happening in real-time to the 911 dispatcher in the moments before and immediately after he was shot.

“As he talks on the phone, he says that he is locked in the garage. His wife locked him in the garage, ”Johnson said. “During the phone call with dispatch, you hear a gunshot. He basically says, ‘She just shot me.’ Then he hears three more [shots]. ”

Deputies from the sheriff’s office had already responded to two calls at the couple’s home, located in the 6100 block of Jenks Drive, prior to the shooting, Johnson said.

The first 911 call came from Kuhn at 12:53 p.m. following an argument between Turner and her. According to Johnson, Turner wanted to “get the kids out of the state” and Kuhn “didn’t want to go.” Officers responded to the home but left after finding no evidence of a physical altercation.

At about 5 p.m., Turner called the station about Kuhn. Johnson said it was “the same, another argument.” The deputies responded again and left again after finding no evidence of a physical altercation.

Turner called a second time at 6:22 p.m. and she told the operator that Kuhn had locked him in the garage and “tried to break his arm” when he tried to return to his house. The shot was heard shortly after, and Turner told the operator that she had just been shot.

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Officers arrived for the third time approximately four minutes after Turner’s call and found Turner’s body in the garage.

Kuhn, whom Johnson described as “in shock”, was later detained.

“[To] put it in the best way, I’d say [she was] in shock, probably,” Johnson replied when asked about Kuhn’s condition after the shooting. “You are a chief of the Navy one day, and the next day, you are in jail.”

When asked why his office didn’t do more to prevent the fatal shooting during either of the first two times officers responded to the home, Johnson said there was simply no evidence to make an arrest.

“If there is no evidence to support an arrest, any violence or anything, we cannot make the arrest,” Johnson said. “And in both cases, they were arguing for the children.”

In a statement to local ABC-affiliated news station WEAR-TV, a Navy spokesperson confirmed that Kuhn is currently on leave pending an investigation.

Johnson noted that two of the couple’s three children were placed in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families. The third child was left in the custody of the biological father.

Kuhn is currently being held in the Santa Rosa County Jail. If she is convicted of the first-degree murder charge, she faces a mandatory life sentence or the death penalty.


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