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Christian Quezada
Christian Quezada

Christian Quezada Wiki – Christian Quezada Biography

Christian Quezada, the body of a man on vacation in Vieques, Puerto Rico, was found naked and badly bruised on a beach the day before his return to Texas.

Another tourist found the body of Christian Quezada de Plano, 36, around 8:30 a.m. Sunday along the black sand beaches of the small island of Playa Negra, an hour off the coast of the mainland.

Christian Quezada Age

Christian Quezada was 36 years old.

Found Dead – Investigation

Puerto Rican investigators from the Fajardo Command Region ruled that Quezada’s death was an accident after an investigation. However, Quezada’s brothers, who traveled to Puerto Rico to see the body of his younger brother, are convinced that there was a crime.

“I’ve seen the body, I’ve seen all the photos of my brother after he was found; this [case] should have been [declared] a homicide right away,” Cynthia Quezada, Quezada’s older sister, told MailOnline.

She said that after seeing the body of her brother, the family tried to piece together her last days.

“All the people they are questioning is because we found them,” Cynthia Quezada said Friday. ‘They found his body, they took him to the morgue, they did nothing. We found things … we were finding and finding and finding and finding names where he stayed, the people he met, and the Airbnb where he stayed. ‘

MailOnline is still waiting for more information from the command center press officer.

Quezada said her brother had been staying in San Juan’s Santurce arts district, and that his days were full of activities after his arrival on July 14. He was supposed to come home Monday for his father’s funeral.

The last person to see him, she said, was a Virginia woman who was staying on the same Airbnb. The two went together, she said, to the island where Quezada died.

But the woman has returned to the United States, she said.

“ He was last seen with her, she is back in Virginia and moving on with her life, ” Cynthia told MailOnline. ‘The police say, “We are calling, she does not answer.”

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Sabrina Colirri organized a GoFundMe page on behalf of the family, to cover funeral expenses, hire investigators and send the body back to the states.

“[When] they saw [the] horrible state [of the body], that was enough for them to realize that it was not a mere accident, but that [that] his younger brother was MURDERED.,” she wrote.

His head was “severely beaten with the possibility of a concussion,” his back was “severely bruised, turning its color almost black,” and more bruises dotted his rib cage, according to the GoFundMe page.

Before his trip to Puerto Rico, Quezada had been the main caregiver for his father after he suffered a stroke 18 months ago. Now, the two will be buried in a joint ceremony in Plano in August.

Cynthia Quezada said her brother worked in telecommunications and was completing his undergraduate courses at the University of Arizona. He worked from home with her parents during the pandemic.

So far, nearly $ 5,000 has been raised through GoFundMe in just two days.

“Help us to solve the murder of Christian and also to put an end to the massacre of tourists on the so-called” Island of Fantasy “, says the page.

“He was shy at first, but that look does not deny the good heart and amazing character that he had,” Colirri wrote on the page. “His death of him took us all by surprise, where no one expected such a sudden and inhuman death.”


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