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Cindy Dawkins
Cindy Dawkins

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Cindy Dawkins, an unvaccinated single mother in Florida died of COVID-19, and her family is now urging others to get vaccinated.

Cindy Dawkins, 50, of Boynton Beach, passed away on August 7, just two days after being admitted to the hospital for complications from the virus.

Dawkins, who was born in the Bahamas, was ready to finish the paperwork to complete the process of becoming a US citizen when she became ill.

Cindy Dawkins Age

Cindy Dawkins was 50 years old.

Cause of Death – GoFundMe

She leaves behind four children, ages 12 to 24, who now face difficulties as they wait to keep the family together after their mother’s death.

Many Americans are hesitant about COVID-19 vaccines, due to concerns about side effects, whether false or not, and misinformation about them spreads on social media.

“I think I wasn’t sure about the vaccine, we followed the rules and kept our masks on,” Tre Burrows, 20, Dawkins’ second oldest son, told Good Morning America (GMA).

‘Now, seeing how it happened and how quickly it happened, it definitely changed our perspective. Getting a vaccine helps more than any harm it can cause.

Tre, along with his brothers Jenny, 24; Zoey, 15 years old; Sierra, 12; are working to pick up the pieces after the death of their mother.

“Even when we were younger, [our mother] told us that we were brothers and sisters and that we had to take care of each other,” Jenny told GMA.

“Right now we are in survival mode trying to make sure everything gets done.”

‘… we are trying to stay on top of everything because we don’t want to disappoint [our mother].’

Like the two adult brothers, Jenny and Trey are bearing the burden of caring for their younger sisters.

“We make sure everything is ready for our sisters, that they have a good foundation,” Tre said.

“We are doing exactly what our mother did.”

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Janie Rosenberg Yoshida, a family friend whose daughter attended school with Tre, has started a GoFundMe for children to help after her mother dies.

“Cindy was a loving single mother of [four] children who came to this country from the Bahamas to achieve the American Dream,” Yoshida wrote in a letter attached to the GoFundMe page.

She “she worked [two] jobs, she made sure her children were fed, clothed and attended school every day, while at one point she even had to live in hotels for years just to avoid running out. home.

‘She taught a strong work ethic and solid values ​​to her children and always help others when they can.

‘… And now, the cruel and relentless COVID-19 has taken another life heartbreakingly, swiftly, and unapologetically, leaving behind 4 children who are now struggling not only to stay together as a family but also to fight and prosper from somehow through this pain to make his beloved mother proud.

Yoshida told GMA that she met the family when she saw Tre walking from school to the hotel where her family lived at the time.

She offered to drive him home and, after befriending the family, she helped them find an apartment to live in.

GoFundMe has raised over $ 23,000 as of Friday morning.

The children told GMA that they plan to use the funds to make a down payment on a house they can live in together.

“We are very grateful to everyone,” Tre said.

“I know [our mother] is very happy that we stick together the way we are and don’t let a tragedy tear us apart.”

Cindy is one of nearly 42,000 Floridians who have died of COVID-19 since the pandemic began in March 2020.


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