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Clare Childes
Clare Childes

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Clare Childes, 45, of Caernarfon, North Wales, reported suicidal thoughts during a 13-minute call with Dr. Gwilym Evans on March 31 this year, telling him that she had drunk a bottle of alcohol and was considering hanging herself that night. A mother of three hanged herself just two hours after her GP told her that she would “call her tomorrow” during a phone appointment to discuss her urgent mental health, she has heard an investigation.

But she did not immediately refer her to a mental health crisis team for fear they would not see her because she had been drinking. The doctor initially told her that he would call her again the next day. Mrs. Childes was found dead in her home by her son’s girlfriend just two hours after the phone call. The investigating coroner, in Caernarfon, is now considering sending health chiefs an official “Prevention of Future Deaths” report after learning of the tragedy by telephone appointment. Ms. Childes’s death came just weeks before the NHS told general practitioners to return for personal appointments.

Clare Childes Age

Clare Childes was 45-years-old.

Hanged Herself

Health Secretary Sajid Javid will present a package of measures in the coming days to break Covid rules that prevent family doctors from seeing patients face to face. The latest figures suggest that less than 60 percent of GP appointments in England are in-person help, compared to 80 percent before the pandemic. Health chiefs told surgeries to make sure all patients could see their doctors in May, but some practices were later found to be ignoring the order.

Activists note that in-person dating is vital to spotting symptoms and conditions that might otherwise be missed. There is also the fear that patients will ignore potentially dangerous problems due to access issues. In the investigation, Dr. Evans said that Ms. Childes had told him that she had suicidal thoughts that had worsened with confinement.

But she was delayed in contacting the crisis team because she said she had “knocked over a bottle of Disaronno to stop the pain.” In testing, Dr. Evans said, “He had never spoken to Clare before that day, but he could hear the tension in her voice. “She told me that she was stressed, that she was feeling very bad, and that she was thinking of committing suicide. The investigation heard Ms. Childes tell her doctor about her concerns about her finances, her drinking, and the breakdown of her relationship.

Dr. Evans said: “She also said that her confinement had made her feel worse. I was worried about her and told her that I would speak to the mental health team and told her that I would call her tomorrow. She told me that she might hang herself later that night, but she was concerned that the mental health team would refuse to see her because she had been drinking, so I told her that I would call her asap. Investigation heard that Dr. Evans called again later that day at 5:45 pm on March 31, but he went straight to answer the phone.

Dr. Evans said that he attended a mental health training course after the tragic death of Ms. Childes. He added: “I would make the referral right now.” At that point, I was concerned about Clare’s presentation, as she told me that she had drunk a lot and I was concerned that they would not be willing to accept a referral if she was under the influence. ” He said he had wanted to “wait until the effects of the alcohol wear off.”

The investigation heard that Ms. Childes had only been left alone for 40 minutes before her son’s girlfriend found her body. Daughter Kimberley Childes said her mother had been saying she “couldn’t cope” before her death. Kimberely said: “She had a history of poor mental health that worsened during the confinement.

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Mom begged the doctor to do something, but they told her to wait until the next day. “I never imagined that she would do something like this. She loved to go out and socialize and her family and friends will miss her sadly. Acting Coroner Katie Sutherland recorded the conclusion of the hanging death.

She said: “Clare had a history of mental health problems and during the telephone consultation that began at 1:56 pm, she said that she was feeling suicidal. They told her that she would make a referral to the mental health team, but she was not made. “In the next few days, a package will be announced from the Secretary of Health, Sajid Javid, to address the crisis in access to GPs. The established rules for being on the cutting board include the two-meter social distancing rule in surgeries. This was ruled out by hospitals last month.

GPs could also see their workload lightened, with hospitals writing more prescriptions and sick notes for workers. And onerous cleaning requirements could be reduced. A Whitehall source said last night that the new package would see ministers work with the profession to reverse the decline seen in the past two years. The source said: “GPs are doing a great job under difficult circumstances; We are full of praise for the vast majority who are doing all they can for patients.

“We have been working closely with the NHS on a plan to support GPs and deliver better patient outcomes. “We all want the same result and, working together, we can achieve it, but we will keep the small minority aside from accountability.” Physician representatives have held back on the suggestion that they are unwilling to treat patients. The decision is a major victory for the Mail, Let’s See GPs Face to Face campaign, which has detailed the devastating decline in the number of patients who can see a doctor.


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