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Crystal Marie Sawyer
Crystal Marie Sawyer

Crystal Marie Sawyer Wiki – Crystal Marie Sawyer Biography

Crystal Marie Sawyer and her boyfriend Matthew James Markcrow, 35, appeared in Brisbane Arrest Court on Friday after police allegedly uncovered evidence to support “se**xual servitude and organized prostitution” during raids on Queensland properties. this week.

Mr. Markcrow faces 10 counts, including illegal prostitution, recording in violation of privacy, and three counts of violation of electronic information order.

Crystal Marie Sawyer Age

Crystal Marie Sawyer is 23 years old.

Charge – Arrested

Her partner, Ms. Sawyer, 23, has been charged with two counts of violating an electronic information order and one count of illegal prostitution.

Police allege that several women, aged between 17 and 24, received narcotic drugs, marked them with tattoos, and subjected them to se**xual servitude.

It is also alleged that the women were subjected to controlled living, economic and working conditions.

On Facebook, Mr. Markcrow has posted photos of tattoos that appear to be inked on different women, which say “Property of Matt M”. In the comments below the photo of him, he allegedly says that he is “his future boyfriends” and that if he “had all the names, he would look more like a scroll.”

Markcrow and Sawyer were arrested after police raided properties in Mount Gravatt East and South Brisbane on Thursday.

Officers reportedly discovered drugs and recordings of se**xual acts. While Mr. Markcrow has been placed in pre-trial detention, Ms. Sawyer was granted bail despite statements by police that she “had control” over the women and concerns that she may drive. the business in the absence of her boyfriend.

Police Attorney Sgt. Mark Hughes told the court that Ms. Sawyer was present with the woman at the address during one of the police searches.

“During the course of the search warrant, she Sawyer stated that she was ‘like a mother’ to the other girls,” said Sgt. Hughes. The police observed that other girls followed Sawyer’s lead during the search … she demonstrated some degree of control over the other girls. ”

The court heard that Ms. Sawyer refused to give the police the access code to a phone and laptop seized by the police.

Sergeant Hughes told the court that Ms. Sawyer and Mr. Markcrow were in a relationship and that she had told him that she “would take care of everything” when she saw him at the guardhouse. But defense attorney Lily Berkeley said there was no concrete evidence that Ms. Sawyer was involved in the business and the charges were filed “somewhat prematurely.”

She said that her client could meet strict conditions of bail, including an order of no contact with witnesses. Judge Stephen Courtney said the charges against Mr. Mackrow had a “particularly sinister flavor” but that he needed to focus on the charges against Ms. Sawyer and what was before the court.

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He granted her bail, on conditions of not contacting witnesses and reporting to the police twice a week. Detective Inspector Juliet Hancock said the Prostitution Control Task Force received a tip late last year.

“This investigation is still ongoing,” she said.

Ms. Hancock said police were investigating whether there were any more alleged victims and encouraged anyone with more information to come forward. Markcrow was placed in pretrial detention with a return to prison order and will reappear in court on February 24.



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