Who is Daniel Everette Hale? Wiki, Biography, Age, leaking Top Secret, Jailed for 45 Month

Daniel Everette Hale
Daniel Everette Hale

Daniel Everette Hale Wiki – Daniel Everette Hale Biography

Daniel Everette Hale A former intelligence agent who leaked classified national defense information to a Washington, D.C. reporter, beginning in 2013 was sentenced Tuesday to nearly four years in prison.

In a handwritten letter to a federal judge prior to his sentencing, Daniel Hale said that he leaked the documents as a crime of conscience.

“My conscience, once held in check, roared back to life. At first, I tried to ignore it. … Left to decide whether to act, I could only do what I had to do before God and my own conscience. The answer came to me, that to stop the cycle of violence, I should sacrifice my own life and not someone else’s, ”he wrote.

Daniel Everette Hale Age

Daniel Hale is 33 years old.

Tennessee ties to national case

Hale, 33, grew up in Bristol, Tennessee, court documents show. He struggled with and dropped out of college before enlisting in the Air Force in 2009.

There, his intelligence and his test scores quickly led him to work on the highly technical drone warfare programs in which he was eventually deployed as a signals intelligence analyst.

He said it was his work on this show that led him to leak confidential documents after an “internal breaking point.”

After leaving the Air Force and his work with the National Security Agency, he accepted a job with a defense contractor, where he had access to high levels of information and secure documents.

“He was unable to reconcile his conduct in Afghanistan with his rigid sense of right and wrong,” Hale’s attorneys and public defenders wrote. “He points to the time when this occurred: an after-work meeting with respected colleagues that he devoted himself to watching drone strikes as a form of entertainment.”

In March, he pleaded guilty to federal charges against him under the Espionage Act. He admitted that he leaked classified information about the drone war and wrote anonymously about his experience. Hale’s request was made without an agreed-upon agreement with the government.

Leaking documents to a friendly reporter – Jailed

While working as a licensed defense contractor, Hale printed 36 documents from his top-secret computer, including 23 documents unrelated to his work, court documents show.

Hale gave at least 17 of the 23 documents to a journalist, who published them in whole or in part, a statement from the United States Attorney’s Office shows. Eleven of the published documents were marked as top secret or top secret.

Although one of the leaked documents was later included in a guide created by ISIS for its members on how to avoid detection by US forces, lawyers for both sides agreed that evidence was lacking that the leaked documents caused actual harm.

Dozens of letters from friends, family and strangers around the world were included in Hale’s request for a light sentence.

One included a petition signed by thousands of people; another was from a teacher who told the judge that she expects her students to live up to the moral courage she saw in Hale’s actions.

Most asked the judge not to view Hale as a spy under the Espionage Act, but as a whistleblower, with all the protections afforded to those covered by that term.

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The letters included notes from friends and colleagues in Nashville, where Hale returned in the five-year period between an FBI raid on his apartment in 2014 and his arrest in 2019.

Government attorneys argued that Hale leaked the documents for his own glory and to further a possible future career in journalism.

“Hale’s vanity nullified the commitments he made to his country. Hale was in love with

journalists. As he explained in a chat retrieved from his email account, he ‘he looked up

[journalists] like rock stars, ‘” they argued in a motion for harsh sentencing filed last week.

But Hale’s attorneys argued that his actions stemmed from a deep debate with his conscience about his actions during his service.

“Ultimately, he believed that he could make a difference in how the US drone program was implemented, particularly with respect to innocent civilians, by leaking classified documents,” they wrote.

Hale was sentenced to 45 months in prison.


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