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Delia Johnson
Delia Johnson

Delia Johnson Wiki – Delia Johnson Biography

Delia Johnson was shot by an assassin in broad daylight. The incident took place on Tuesday, August 3. Police have not yet been able to identify the attacker.

Police are investigating the cause of the shooting. In similar news, video footage released by LAPD showed 91-year-old Soon Kim killed in a hit-and-run case by an unidentified female driver. A 16-year-old black girl, Ma’Khia Bryant, was shot and killed by an officer outside her home on Tuesday, April 20. Bodycam footage of the incident showed a teenage girl ‘attempting’ to stab a girl in front of the police officer. he shot her dead.

Delia Johnson Age

Delia Johnson was 42 years old.

Delia Johnson was Shot Dead

A shocking video obtained by The Post shows the moment a woman with a gun approached another woman and shot her dead on a busy Prospect Heights street on Tuesday, before casually walking away.

The video shows a shooter with a purse approaching 42-year-old Delia Johnson and shooting the unsuspecting victim in the head as she chatted with some people sitting at the entrance of a building on Franklin Avenue near Prospect Place.

The shooting happened around 9:40 p.m., law enforcement sources said. After the victim falls to the ground, the shooter fires several more shots, the video shows. As nearby crowds duck for cover and run, the shooter nonchalantly walks away and gets into a white van that’s double-parked on the street with its hazard lights on.

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Officers found Delia Johnson unconscious at the scene and rushed her to Interfaith Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. According to police sources. the shooting took place at 9:04 pm, just one block from Delia’s apartment. Police are still looking for the suspect.

On Thursday, Aug. 5, New York Mayor De Blasio said murders were down 49.1 percent and shootings down 35 percent in New York City. He then mentioned that the New York Police Department made 383 arrests for firearms in July alone, an increase of 133.5 percent compared to last July, while arrests for weapons, overall, increased by 44.5. percent in 2021.

According to De Blasio, the month of July is usually one of the most violent in the city, but the New York police “accepted the challenge” and were able to stop the gun violence. “Gang takedowns mean taking a lot of bad guys off the streets and at the same time a lot of shooters off the streets, this is crucial. There is more to do, but the NYPD is on the move and making an impact. ”


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